Thursday, August 20, 2015

Medical scheme for retired bank employees

IBA has come out with a powerpoint presentation titled as "Medical Scheme for Retired Bank Employees designed by K. M. Dastur Reinsurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Presentation on Policy Terms , Conditions And  Some Frequently Asked Questions". Some banks have published the presentation on their websites.  Click on the following links to view/download the presentation.
 IBA presentation in powerpoint (.ppt) format
 IBA presentation in  pdf format  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Board Members to follow the Directive of DFS & Not of IBA on Medical Insurance.

We reproduce below an article by Shri R.K. Pathak, our google group member

In pursuance of the 10th Bipartite Settlement / Record Note and communication of IBA dated 29/06/2015 to the Member Banks, Public Sector Bank’s have started notifying on their web site a Medical Insurance Scheme which covers both the existing employees as well as the retirees.
By this time all the retirees & Retiree organization are fully aware about the sanctity of “Record Note” dated 25/05/2015 & the role of IBA in this regard.
Now once again IBA has introduced the Medical Insurance Scheme for existing staff as well as retirees and directed the Member Banks as under:-
“Further it has been agreed that the said medical insurance scheme will be extended to the existing retirees, subject to the payment of the agreed insurance by them”.
This circular is issued by Shri. K UnniKrishnan, Dy.Chief Executive of IBA. [Copy].
In this context, attention of Retirees & Retirees organization is invited to the communication of DFS No.F.No.14/7/92-IR(Vol-II)dated 24/02/2012 addressed to Shri K Unnikrishnan, Deputy Chief Executive, IBA Mumbai, wherein at Para 2, Shri K Unnikrishnan, Deputy Chief Executive, IBA Mumbai was advised as under:-

“2. It is further stipulated, that:
(i) No cash payments shall be made to employees except for medical and  educational purposes.

(ii) Banks may consider the option of Group Insurance Policies for both serving and retired employees instead of direct payment of benefit from the Fund.

The Copy of the DFS circular is attached herewith for ready reference.
It is clear from the above directives to IBA, particularly Shri. K UnniKrishnan, Dy.Chief Executive of IBA, the medical insurance scheme is formed as a part of settlement,for retirees not only , totally in disregard to the Directives of DFS, GOI but also reflecting the attitude of IBA that they are above the DFS & GOI & have powers to overrule the instructions. Its immaterial to raise the issue of role of UFBU in the matter.

In this context, though IBA is not bound to follow the directives of DFS, GOI , BUT the Managing Director, officers & employee of the Bank (that includes CMD/ ED / GM ) are Public Servant under section 21 of the Indian Penal Code of 1860 and are bound to follow the directives of GOI and not under obligation to follow illegal advice given by the IBA i.e.“ Voluntary Association of Management of Bank”.
Here it is appealed to retirees & retiree organization to bring the directives of DFS to the notice of Managing Director of the Bank and ensure that entire premium is debited to welfare fund, as :-
1) The Appointment of General Manger’s as [Board Member] MD / ED in the Bank is only after clearance of DFS/ GOI & is a fresh appointment and also at the mercy of DFS/ GOI and extension is totally at the discretion of GOI ( It is to be noted that PNB CMD was not given Extension) and the acting at the advice of IBA will be against their own interest besides retirees.

2) Being Public Servant, they are under obligation to follow the Directives of DFS & Not illegal advice of IBA & implementing the IBA directives , despite bringing tthe directives of DFS will lead to “ Intentional Omission” on their part causing wrongful loss to Retirees.

3) It is also worthwhile to draw the attention of Board Members about Policy of GOI , about the changes in appointment of Board Member & introducing professionals from private sector to manage PSB, as current Board Members acted at the instruction of IBA without verifying its sanctity & strictures from the judiciary.

Hope the information will help you to discuss with Bank Management to ease the financial burden of retirees.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Increase in D.A. for pensioners w.e.f. Aug 2015 - 31 slabs more

D.A. Rates for Pensioners (%) – 31 Slabs More




On Or After




over 600

Upto 1250



Above 2130









upto 31.3.98


over 1148

Upto 2400



Above 4100








1.11.98 upto



over 1684

Upto 3550



Above 6010



















over 2836









over 4440

D.A calculator is available for calculating revised D.A. and difference. For calculating D.A , enter basic ( original basic without reducing commutation amount) and click on the calculate button. Revised D.A , Present D.A. and difference will be displayed on the calculator. Select appropriate retirement date range according to the date of retirement.

Click on the following link for  D A Calculator. 

D.A. Calculator

Friday, July 31, 2015


Copy of Minutes of the Apex retirees organisations meet held at New Delhi, on 28th July '15 is furnished here under for information, which is self explanatory:

'A meeting for bringing together the major apex level organizations of the Bank pensioners and retirees was organized on 28-07-2015 at New Delhi. The following Federations of Bank Pensioners and retirees attended this meeting.
  1. Federation of State Bank of India Pensioners’ Associations
  2. All India Bank Retirees’ Federation
  3. All India Bank Pensioners’& Retirees’ Confederation.
  4. Retired Bank Officers’ National Confederation and
  5. All India Retired Bank Employees’ Association       
The participants from the above organizations are furnished in the Annexure hereto.

2. Before the commencement of this meeting, two minutes silence was observed in memory of former President Shri A.B.J.Abdul Kalam.  Shri P.P.S.Murthy, General Secretary, Federation of S.B.I Pensioners’Associations. This meeting is very important one for strengthening the movement of Bank Pensioners and Retirees by bringing together all their important apex level organizations. The disappointment caused to the pensioners by the much expected 10th bipartite Settlement and the declarations made in the Record Note released by I.B.A along with the 10th bipartite settlement has created the need for collective and combined efforts by all the above organizations. Shri R.N.Banerjee, President, Federation of SBI Pensioners’ Associations brought to the notice of the participants the efforts made by his Federation over the last 25 years including the legal action  for securing legitimate pension benefits. He said collective efforts by all of us with commitment are necessary for resolving our common issues.
3. Shri S.C.Jain  , General Secretary of All Retirees’ Federation referred to the challenges before us and the disappointment and frustration of the pensioners after  the  10th bipartite settlement was concluded. He is in favour of co-ordination for bringing unity among all of us. He said that U.F.B.R.O was formed for this purpose. They could achieve certain benefits in the form of Ex-gratia to pre 1-1-1986 retirees and their spouses, could arrange for establishing grievance redressal machinery and secure the facility of one-more pension option. He felt that U.F.B.R.O could itself be utilized for the purpose of our co-ordination.. He however does not have any reservation on forming new organization of all the above Federations. He considered that we should explore the legal option for securing the updation of pension by obtaining a expert legal opinion.
4.Shri K.V.Acharya, President, All India Bank Pensioners’& Retirees’ Confederation favoured the immediate formation of co-ordination of the above five Federations of Bank Pensioners and Retirees. He said that exgratia to pre 1-1-1986 retirees was granted first by the Indian Overseas Bank in 1996 before other Banks provided this facility. He said that I.B.A should discuss with the organizations of Bank Pensioners and Retirees on issues concerning them. He also brought to the notice of the participants the various programs of action taken by his Federation for focusing and resolving the issues of the pensioners. He said that the provision for the updation of pension is statutory and denying the updation of pension is in violation of this regulation. He also suggested to consider widening our Co-ordination by including the corresponding organizations of R.B.I and L.I.C.As age is not with us, he felt that there is a need for us to forge our unity without delay.
5.Shri R.D.Deshpande, General Secretary, Retired Bank Officers’ National Confederation shared the view that the time is now ripe for all of us to take a positive decision on forming our co-ordination. Our members would not be satisfied without beneficial results. He said that our issues should get prioritized and action plan drawn up. He said that the second option issue of the resigned and those left over should be addressed. Shri R. Acharya of All India Retired Bank Employees’ Association concurred with the view on forming a co-ordination of all the above organizations.
6. All the participants agreed to enlist the support of U.F.B.U and other organizations of the serving employees of Banks All the participants unanimously agreed on forming a co-ordination of all the above five Federations with the following objectives, structure, name, action plan, code of conduct, finance and Joint Action Committee..

a. To remove the discrimination caused in the payment of dearness relief to pre 1-11-2002 pensioners.
b. To secure the upgradation of basic pension/ family pension by merging dearness relief neutralized with 100% up to 4440 points as on 31-10-2012.
c. To secure family pension at 30% of pay uniformly to all on the same basis as followed by Reserve Bank of India. To remove the extant ceiling on family pension of Rs, 5,930/ and Rs.9, 284/ on Ninth and Tenth bipartite pay scales respectively, pending consideration of this proposal,
d.. To take steps for securing improvements as obtaining in the Pension Scheme of Reserve Bank of India
e. To secure the updation of pension on every revision for meeting aging needs of Bank pensioners.
f. To secure improvements in medical facilities to the pensioners and family pensioners.
g. To take steps for strengthening the Pensioners/ Retirees Movement in the Banking Industry by mobilizing more members and by bringing together the multiple organizations of Bank pensioners/retirees in each Bank if any and
h. To serve the ageing members of our society and in co-ordination with similar organizations in the service of the aged.
i. To secure pension option for the resigned and all left over with eligible pensionable service.
II. Structure
The Structure can be a collective body without a formal registration under the Societies Act for the time being  or as may be decided at this meeting
III. Name.
The participants agreed to form a new organization in the following name with the above five Federations as its members.
Confederation of Bank Pensioners and Retirees Organizations (C.B.P.R.O)

IV.. Action Plan
Our action plan may be decided according priority for achieving our above objectives.
i.Our first option can be to represent our issues with the Government/ IBA/ Management of Banks through negotiations/ meetings.
ii. To seek political support.
iii.To seek support through print and visual media and press conferences
iv.To fix a time frame for the above negotiated efforts depending on the developments
v.Depending upon the progress through negotiated efforts, the other program of direct actions like peaceful Dharna or agitation can be planned..
vi. Against decisions taken deliberately causing untenable and unjust deprivation and discrimination to the pensioners, legal action may be necessary. We should get prepared to resort to legal action although it is very only costly and time consuming. Before taking a decision on resorting to a legal action, sufficient funds should be mobilized.
V. Code of Conduct
i. All members of this apex body should work together for achieving our objectives by strengthening fraternity among ourselves.
ii.All members of this body would do well to commit themselves against any mutual criticism or against carrying on any activity which would not be conducive for maintaining the unity amongst them and
iii.All members of this body should give an assurance that they would always abide by the decisions taken by this body.

All travelling expenses incurred for attending the meetings of the co-ordination/action committee and also for program action to be organized at different centres will be borne by the respective organizations. The expenses for the future meetings of this committee can also borne by the respective host organization. For the present, finance would be required only for meeting the expenses connected with communications. A token contribution from each member should be sufficient for this purpose .Any other suggestion is welcome.

VII. Formation of a Joint Action Committee
This Committee may consist of a convenor from one Federation and one member each from the other Federations..
7. For the purpose of representing our core pension issues as per the above objectives, a draft of our appeal will be prepared. Decisions on the convenor and other members of the Joint Action Committee will be decided at the next meeting. It was decided to hold the next meeting before the end of August 2015.The list of the participants and the Resolution Passed at this  meeting are enclosed.
P.P.Sankaranaryana Murthy
General Secretary
Federation of SBI Pensioners’ Associations
Source : Bankpensioner google group

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Appeal to Chief Justice , Supreme Court of India

An appeal is made to Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India, by Shri S  Ramchandran ,Pune based bank pensioner, aged 76 years. The appeal is signed by 20 senior citizens amongst whom  Shri S. G. Lele is 87 years old and Shri C. M Bhat is 86 years old.  Subject of the appeal is  as following :
Violation of fundamental rights of senior citizens guaranteed under Article 21 of constitution of India
Unreasonable and unjustified denial of Updation of Pension, improvement in family pension and 100% DA neutralization to the Bank Retirees [during the recently concluded wage revision] since 1995

Last para of the appeal is reproduced hereunder
It is in view of the facts referred at points 1-10 above and average litigation span of ten years & short of life at our disposal, specifically of Mr. S G Lele (87 years), Mr. C M Bhat (86 years) and other signatories of 80+years, we earnestly pray for your intervention and this Petition may kindly be treated as a Suo-Moto Writ Petition on the appellate side of the Honorable Supreme Court

Therefore for the points 1 to 10 above, we pray your lordship may be pleased to call for

1. the records and minutes of wage revision discussions in which our issues were discussed and finally taken the stand as mentioned in Record Note of Discussion dated 25.05.2015.

2. to investigate into the cost of updation of pension, improvement in family pension and 100% DA neutralization by Actuarials defined in Pension Regulations 1995.

3. Upon investigation report from actuarials, to order to the concerned banks RBI and GOI, to arrive at the decision on the demands of the retirees.

For the kind response and acts of your Lordship, we all, shall always remain obliged, as duty bound.
With Respectful &Warm Regards, 



Click here to view the list of signatories.

Interested  bank pensioners can send such petition to Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India, with suitable modifications.
The exhibits referred in the appeal can be had from Shri S. Ramchadran (email : or Shri R. K. Pathak ( email :

Source: Bankpensioner google group