Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letter by a pesioner regarding bank pensioners' issues

 One of our bank pensioners group members has written a letter to a leading newspaper which is reproduced below

Dear Sirs,

Through your esteemed daily I wish to bring to the knowledge of the government the treatment, meted out to the pensioners of Indian Banks:
While the pay packets of the serving employees continues to grow, the pensioners of the Banks are drawing the same pension, what they were drawing at the time of retirement. While the employees' welfare is taken care of by the unions, who are strong enough to call the shots, no negotiation is held between the management and the retirees' association. To add insult to injury, the pre 2002 pensioners are not given even full D.A. The affected pensioners mostly belong to the category of Special Voluntary Retirees, who opted pension as per the scheme introduced by the banks to trim their workforce. Their expectation was that they would continue to enjoy the benefits of other retirees, but even for, the addition of  legitimate 5 years to  the service as per pension regulations, for fixing the pension,they had to fight a legal battle for over 9 years. Now there is a glaring discrimination as the pensioners of 1998 to 2002 are alone not given 100% DA neutralization, as a result of which at the present DA rates a pensioner is losing around Rs.2000 per month.  While the government preaches one rank, one pension and encourages equality among the pensioners, it is surprising that the poor pensioners are allowed to fight for their cause. The meagre pension which is not updated periodically, added with curtailment of DA puts a pensioner into severe financial difficulties.It is the duty of  bank managements to ensure that their erstwhile employees lead a life of comfort after retirement.  The pensioners mostly senior citizens are too old and less organised to approach the court again, as it is time consuming and many retirees may not live to enjoy the benefits. As such I request the government to look into the matter and permit 100% DA neutralization to all its pensioners, without discrimination and its gesture will go along way to help them to lead a life honourably. It is also a matter of shame that many of the banks do not have a health welfare scheme for its ex-employees who have toiled in no uncertain terms, for the development the institution. I am sure the government will do the needful without further loss of time.

Yours faithfully

(Retd Canara Bank Sr.Manager)


  1. This is just demand and must be resolved soon.Another just demand is that the family pensioners must get family pension at 30% of pay irrespective of any discrimination

  2. G. Ramachandran has aptly written the agonies of Bank Retirees. No one is curious to look after Retirees.

  3. It is observed that the Voluntarily resigned/CRS/ /Voluntarily retired employees are trying the gain the lost ground. Good. But how about regular superannuated employees from 1.1.2006 who lost heavily on account of enhanced gratuity implementation from 24.05.2010. Every body says that this is fit/sure case to fight, but because it is not beneficial to majority of award staff the AIBEA & AIBOC leaders has/have kept quite. Unions are supposed to defend the retired minority employees interests also and not based on numerical numbers. How they except the employees to react?