Monday, December 30, 2013

Re: Improvement in Basic Component of Ex-gratia Amount Payable to Pre- 1986 Retirees and spouses of deceased Pre- 1986 retirees

The government has cleared the  proposal for improvement as under

 Basic component has been increased from Rs. 300 p.m. to Rs. 350 P.M. plus DA at the applicable rates. At the present rate of DA, such retiree will get increase of Rs. 436 pm.

 At present such spouses are paid fixed amount of Rs. 1000 pm. Now it will be changed into two parts - Basic Amount of Rs. 175 plus variable DA at the appropriate rate pm. At the present rates of DA, the amount payable will be Rs. 1525 pm giving increase of Rs. 525 pm. Further it will keep on revising ever 6 months with change in DA slabs.

It is learnt  that IBA will issue the circular in the matter shortly.

Source: AIBRF Website

Thursday, December 26, 2013

All India Bank Strike on 20th and 21st Jan 2014

UFBU ( United front of Bank Employees) has decided to continue  its struggle for early wage revision onward to 48 hours all India Bank strike on 20th and 21st Jan 2014.

Click here to view UFBU circular

Source: AIBOC Website

Friday, December 13, 2013

Supreme Court orders Bank of Baroda for pension to CRS person with 6% interest & cost of Rs.50000/-

Supreme court has ordered Bank of Baroda to pay pension to compulsory retired (CRS) employee with 6 % interest and cost of Rs. 50000/-. In view of the Supreme Court Judgement , Shri R.K Pathak President, Resigned Bank Employees Welfare Association, has appealed UFBEU members to and IBA to undo injustice done  to Bank employees to who are denied pension on unethical grounds

Click here to view communique from Shri R.K. Pathak

Click here to view Supreme Court Judgement 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Now Andhra Bank- Supreme Court Directs to Pay Pension - SLP Dismissed

Supreme court has dismissed Special Leave Petition filed by Andhra Bank, in the case of an employee with 40 years of service, who was denied pension option. Now Supreme court has directed to pay the pension to the employee.We have received communique from Shri R.K. Pathak, President , Resigned bank employees  forum which is reproduced below.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Supreme court dismissed Special Leave Petition filed by Vijaya Bank in the case of denial of pension to resignees

We have received communique from Shri R.K.Pathak , President, Resigned Bank Employees Welfare Association , stating that Supreme court has dismissed SLP filed by Vijaya Bank in the case of denial of pension to resigeees. Shri Pathak was present in the Supreme Court at the time of the hearing of the case.
We reproduce below the communique received from Shri R.K. Pathak.

Finally Vijaya Bank Chairman, Mr. Upendra Kamat along with his TEAM appears before the KHC to submit his / Banks intentions to pay Pensions to the Petitioner Resignees ONLY within 4/6 weeks time. [Copy enclosed.]
For the first time in the Banking History, Chairman of the PSB is made to appear before the court as "Accused " only because of contempt petition filed by the Resignees.
In the enclosed letter submitted in the Court, to understand correctly, reference of following date & missing link is must:-

1) KHC Single Judge Allows pension to Resignees on 18/04/2012 by quashing clause 7 of Vijaya Bank Circular date 07/09/2010 disallowing pension to Resignees.
2) Vijaya Bank Appeal dismissed by Division Bench on 30/07/2012.
3) Vijaya Bank files SLP in SC on 20/08/2012 but doesnot make SINCERE Efforts for listing & admission.
4) On 07/12/2012, Hon.justice Mukhopadhyay & Justice Swatantra Kumar hears argument of Advocate on Record & doesnot grant leave to the petition as prima-facie donot find merit in the case. Sensing fear of DISMISSAL, advocate on record request for withdrawal of Petition with libert to go in REVIEW before HC. NO REQUEST WAS MADE ON 07/12/2012 TO FILE FRESH SLP IF THEY DONOT GET RELIEF IN LOWER COURT. SC disposes SLP as withdrawn to file review.
5) Vijaya Bank resignees files Contempt Petition.
6) On 25/10/2013 KHC dismiss the Review Petition.
7) Resignee Files before Caveat20/11/2013 in Supreme Court anticipating Move of Vijaya Bank to file SLP.
8) Vijaya Bank files SLP on 20/11/2013 with hope to get it admitted on 21/11/2013 with interim prayer for contempt petition which is scheduled on 22/11/2013.
9) Surprised to see caveat & could not succeed & request KHC to give time & KHC grants time till 06/12/2013.
10) Master mind team of Vijaya Bank serves Notice of Petition to advocate of Respondents ( resignees) on 25/11/2013.
11) Case gets listed on 09/12/2013.
12) Mastermind manages to changes it to 02/12/2012 by adding it to supplementary list on friday i.e.29/11/2013.
13) On 02/12/2013, the matter is listed before Justice Mukhopadhyay & Justice Gauwda at Sr.No.57.
14) Justice Mukhopadhyay was also on Board on 07/12/2012, when earlier , dismissed First SLP of Vijaya Bank.
15) Vijaya Bank Senior counsel argues strongly for admission but, senior counsel for respondent (Resignees) Senior Advocate Sushil Kumar Jain ( The one who argued the case of ShilKumar Jain Vs New India Insurance Company) & stated that SLP is not maintainable in view of the Decision of Hon justice Deepak Mishra & Justice Radhakrishnan dated 03/10/2012.
16) Entire seen changed & Vijaya Bank was put to defence. Advocate sought adjournment till January 17, but understanding ill motive ( Corem of Bench get changed in January) of putting the case before New judges, Court grants date for 06/12/2013.
17) Dy. GM of Vijaya Bank ( Mr. S K Hegde ) moves to
Delhi & on 5th December 2013 files application wherein on oath states " on 02/12/2012, the counsel for the Respondent , who was on caveat , has pointed out to the Hon'ble Bench that the present SLP filed by the Petitioner is not maintainable, as the law has been settled now that any SLP filed after withdrawing the earlier SLP without seeking permission to file SLP is not maintainable by virtue of the judgement reported in 2012(12) SC 378 titled Vinod Kapoor Vs State of Goa, which was delivered on 03/10/2012.At the time of withdrawing the SLP on 07/10/2012, Petitioner was not aware about the said technicality".
18) Finally Bench Dismissed the SLP on 06/12/2012 by allowing law point open on the issue.
19)There after Bank Executive at Banglore moves to KHC & gave letter to KHC as attached.

Here important point is that Judgement declared by Court become law of land under Article 141 of the Constitution of India & IGNORANCE OF LAW " as pleaded by Vijaya Bank Dy.G.M. is not considered by the BENCH & SLP Dismissed.

I have basic question always that will be in my mind is " when Vijaya Bank DGM, qualified Executive, who has at his disposal Team of Lawyer & Legal Department of the Bank can plead " Ignorance of Law " to get justice to the Bank & to do injustice to one Mr.K Karriappa , a Peon respondent in the case on presumption that Class Four employee, understands the difference between Resignation & Voluntary Retirement & when IBA admits that Awards staff doesnot have VRS scheme.

May god Save Vijaya Bank.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Text of UFBU Circular No.UFBU/2013/9 dt. 2.12.2013 on All India Bank Strike is reproduced here under



The representatives of Constituent Unions, after due consideration of the request of the comrades of certain States for change in date of strike since 19th December 2013 is a declared holiday for their State(s), hence decided to prepone the All India Bank Strike to 18th December 2013.

Accordingly, it has now been decided to have All India Bank Strike on 18th December 2013.