Tuesday, April 27, 2010

9th Bipartite Settlement signed with one more pension option for CPF optees



Today IBA has signed industry wide wage agreement with 6 Workmen unions and 4 Officers’ Associations.  The salient features of the Settlement are as under :

Ø Total no. of employees covered under the Settlement – 5 lakhs workmen employees and 2.5 lakh officers working in 26 Public Sector Banks, 12 Old Private Sector Banks and 8 Foreign Banks.

Ø The wage revision is effective from 1.11.2007.

ØTotal wage increase of Rs.4816 crores representing 17.5% increase on the establishment expenses of Rs.27520 crores as on 31.3.2007.

Ø The pay scales of Officers are Rs.14500-Rs.52000.
Ø The pay scales for Clerical staff : Rs.6200-23900
Ø The pay scales for subordinate staff : Rs.5500-13800
ØTotal wage increase for officers and award staff is  Rs.4816 crores.
Ø DA is payable for every rise or fall of 4 points over 2836 points in the quarterly average of All India Average Working Class Consumer Price Index (General) Base 1960 = 100 at 0.15% of Pay.

Ø Rationalisation of Special Pay posts - All the existing special pay posts are rationalized and only three categories will remain – (i) Single Window Operator – A and Single Window Operator-B; (ii) Head Cashier and (iii) Special Assistant.

Ø All part-time employees (lump sum) will be brought to 1/3rd scale wages w.e.f. 01.05.2010.

Ø Pension: Another option of pension will be given to all existing employees who did not opt earlier and also who have retired/died after pension regulations 1995/96; A defined contributory retirement benefit scheme as governed by the “contributory pension scheme introduced for employees of Central Government with effect from 1.1.2004”  will be introduced  for workmen/officers joining the services of banks on or after 1.4.2010.  There shall be no separate contributory provident fund in respect of these workmen/officers.

Source - IBA Website

Friday, April 23, 2010

Meeting of UFBU ledears with Finance Minister - AIBOC circular

We reproduce below circular issued by AIBOC regarding the meeting of  UFBU leaders with FM on 21/04/2010.

"Members are aware that the date of effect of Pension to CPF Optees was not resolved at IBA level, hence, UFBU requested for intervention of Hon’ble Minister of Finance, Govt. of India.  Accordingly, leaders of UFBU met Hon’ble Finance Minister on 21.04.2010 at New Delhi and forcefully presented the views of the UFBU on the effective date of Pension to CPF optees, from 1st April 2008, as additional cost required for 2nd Option on Pension was assessed by the common Actuaries based on the details made available as on 31.03.2008. 

2.       But the Hon’ble Finance Minister did not agree with the argument as IBA was of the view that, Pension has to be effective from the date of signing the final settlement on Pension. However, he suggested that, effective date may be from the date of signing the MoU i.e. 27th November, 2009. 

3.       The UFBU will meet on 26th April, 2010 at Mumbai, to take a final view of the issue connected with pension, new pension scheme, outsourcing etc.

4.       The IBA has called for a meeting with the UFBU on 27th April, 2010, at Mumbai, with a view to sign the final settlement on Pension and Salary revision.  We shall advise the further developments later.
With warm greetings,


Source -  AIBOC Website

Bank unions-IBA wage pact likely next week

Bank unions and the Indian Banks' Association (IBA) are likely to ink the final settlement of the industry-level wage revision on April 27 in Mumbai. The wage revision for the banking industry is due from November 2007.
The decks have been cleared for the final settlement after a delegation of the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), led by its convenor Mr C. H.Venkatachalam, met the Union Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, at North Block on Wednesday, sources privy to the developments said.
In November 2009, the UFBU and IBA had agreed for a 17.5 per cent increase in wages under the proposed ninth bipartite settlement, which would span five years until October 2012. It was also agreed to give both existing as well as certain retired employees another chance to opt for pension benefits.
As many as 7.75 lakh employees from 26 public sector, 12 private and eight foreign banks would benefit from the final wage settlement.
The annual wage bill for the public sector banks, including the State Bank of India Group, was Rs 27,500 crore for the year ended March 31, 2007. This ninth bipartite settlement would lead to an additional annual outgo of Rs 4,816 crore for the public sector banks and Rs 400 crore for private and foreign banks.
About 2.6 lakh existing (non SBI) employees are to get another chance to switch to pension from Provident Fund as a retirement benefit. Also, about 60,000 retired employees, who are PF optees, will now be given another chance to switch to pension benefits.
Public sector bank employees can currently avail themselves of only two retirement benefits — pension or provident fund and gratuity. In the eighth bipartite wage settlement, the bank unions had settled for 13.25 per cent hike.

Source :  The Hindu Business Line

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wage talks - What has emerged so far for pensioners - NOTHING

W.e.f. 1.5.2005 pension to officers retired during the period 1st April 1998 to 31.10.2002 will be refixed on pay definition in terms of Joint Note dated 14.12.1999 – No arrears / commutation in respect of this will be paid
      Similarly officers who retired in service during 1.11.2002 to 30.4.2005, Pension will be refixed pay as per Joint Note dated 2.6.2005. No arrears or commutation will be payable.

Source - AIBOA  website

Above referred refixation is already done in case of existing pensioners  in  2005  itself .  As such there is nothing for the pensioners in this settlement.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Developments in small committee meetings - AIBOA version

We reproduce hereunder circular issued by AIBOA regarding developments in small comitee meetings 

"MOU dated 27.11.2009
Developments in small committee meetings

Ever since we signed the MOU dated 27.11.2009 all constituents of UFBU are striving to reach the settlement on pension and revision of pay at the earliest.

However, the first destablising development  came when IBA after MOU dated 27.11.2009 was signed on the basis of existing parameters of costing in the industry, brought SBI pension balancing, a factor which was not there in earlier two settlements and after SBI employees got 120 crores as compensation on the pension scheme introduced in Banks.  IBA brought this after MOU keeping UFBU in dark till we signed MOU 27.11.2009 and they did not accept our legal demand to keep this amount of nearly 300 crores outside the load, without reducing the load factor of 17.5% to 16.5%.

But IBA using the pressure on the unions to expedite the settlement imposed the questionable addition to reduce our load factor.

Another destabilsing aspect took place amongst officers’ Associations when we met IBA Chairman to plead for higher starting basic and stagnation, it was decided by  the unions that we will work out scale of pay adjusting incremental pattern to reach 15000 starting pay.

However AIBOC unilaterally met IBA and announced completion of small committee work and wanted us to agree to their scheme.  We had prepared our chart at 15000 with suitable adjustments in incremental pattern and said that we would go with them on other matters if starting pay is agreed at 15000/- so as to reduce the difference with Govt. officers which have increased by leaps and bounds due to grade pay etc., after VI Pay Commission implementation.

AIBOC expressed its inability to go further and despite other small improvements, Junior officers are again left in the lurch.  Without delinking Executives pay, we unnecessarily reduced their pay in the process sealing our prospects to improve our wages in future.

This policy of AIBOC to negotiate with IBA on separate lines has led us to difficulties.  While AIBOC was always critising UFBU, they flouted 20+ demand of united UFBU to land us at 17.5%.  Thereafter they revisited SBI demand to make it 16.5%.  They wanted higher wage for officers but did not accept AIBOA’s proposal to place separate demands and to pursue the charter with IBA and Govt., separately.  Instead they sat with UFBU till date of effect and merger points were decided and showed a picture as if they are not agreeing with 17.5% but eventually made it 16.5% in favour of SBI.  Convenient stand was taken at every point of time to distribute the load on the basis of numbers without basic principles of fair loading principles to all sections.

Another sad feature of AIBOC negotiation is that while HRA we had differed with IBA costing excess nearly 50 crores, they have not even declared this publicly.  Similarly after reducing starting pay to Rs.14500/- now AIBOC is complaining of relativity problem as workmen get special pay of Rs.1000/- wef 1.5.2010.

However more than anything above AIBOA is worried that IBA is adopting standards and methods questionable in nature to push higher level of recovery from the load factor and from individuals nor incumbent to pay the deficit on account of delayed option.  Having extracted higher appropriation in respect of incremental cost sharing and deficit funding, IBA has so far denied normal feature of pension like DA neutralization, updation, anomaly rectification for the last10 years With further recovery for incremental cost for 276600 persons and deficit recovery, IBA has achieved higher cost of pension taking nearly 5% more than PF cost of 10% with which pension was exchanged in the beginning.  Slowly pension is proving more costlier than the benefits especially after this settlement.

It is this trend of negative bargaining by IBA to pauperise the community that make us generally worried about the state of collective bargaining in the industry and the need for transparency to evolve demands below which the unions will not accept any settlement with Bankers.

With greetings



Source - AIBOA Website

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Talks with IBA on 13th April 2010 - AIBEA version

"We reproduce herein the text of UFBU Circular No. 3 of date on the details of the discussions held between UFBU and IBA today (13th April, 2010) at Mumbai.

Pension related issues: While the draft of the Pension Option Settlement has been discussed and finalised, important issues of sharing the deficit / gap were discussed today. Various proposals of sharing method were discussed by us in the UFBU meeting including differential formula for pension optees and PF optees and taken up with the IBA. However, having regard to certain legal and other implications, it has been finalised to have a uniform sharing formula. The details are given in the UFBU circular herein.

Improvements in pension scheme: UFBU has also decided to take up various issues relating to improvements in the Pension Scheme like periodical updation of pension along with wage revision for serving employees, 100 % DA to be paid to all pensioners, common indexation of pension, increase in commutable portion of pension, increase in Ex Gratia for Pre-1986 retirees/widows, higher pension for pensioners above the age of 80, etc.

Final Settlement: Various informations are being floated amongst the employees that the 9th Bipartite Settlement would be signed on 15th, 17th, 25th, etc. As of now, IBA has proposed that the final settlement can be signed on 20th April, 2010 since according to them all the issues stand resolved and the draft is also getting finalised. However, from our side, there are very important issues like IBA’s proposals on outsourcing and increase in duties of Single Window Operators, Head Cashiers and Special Assistants without increase in Special Pay on which there are serious differences with the IBA. Without resolving these issues it would not be possible for AIBEA to sign the Settlement.

We will keep members informed of all developments. Units and members are requested not to be carried away or provoked by attempts from any quarter to create confusions and diversions.

Text of UFBU Circular No.3 dated 13th April, 2010.

Another round of bipartite talks was held between IBA and UFBU constituents at Mumbai today. IBA was represented by Mr. Ramakrishnan, Chief Executive, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Dy. Chief Executive and Mr. M. Venugopalan, Officer on Special Duty. From UFBU, representatives of all the 9 Unions were present.

In today’s meeting, issues relating to settlement on pension option were taken up. The draft Settlement was discussed in details and finalized.

Regarding retirees, the formula for contribution of Rs. 934 crores ( 30% gap ) of the deficit after refund of the PF amount (Bank’s contribution), it has been decided that the retirees will contribute as under:

Refund of PF amount (Bank’s contribution) actually received at the time of retirement (no interest is payable on this amount)   -    Rs. X

Plus: 56 % on this amount of Rs. X  - Rs. Y

Less: Commutation amount Receivable from the Bank - Rs. Z

Net Amount refundable to the Bank ( X+Y - Z )    Rs ...

Regarding existing employees / officers, out of the net gap of Rs. 6000 crores, Banks would contribute 70 % i.e. Rs. 4200 crores. For the balance of Rs. 1800 crores ( 30%) employees / officers would contribute as under: ( This will be a onetime contribution and would be recovered from the arrears.)

For existing employees/officers - 1.6 times of “ Pay ” payable for the month of November, 2007.

For employees who have joined the banks after 1st November, 2007 their contribution would be proportionately reduced.

Date of effect of pension option: IBA reiterated their stand that pension option would be effective from the date of the Settlement while we have explained our viewpoint that it should be w.e.f. 1-4-2008. Difference on this issue persists. UFBU decided to take steps to find a solution to this issue.

Improvements under Pension Scheme: We took up with IBA various improvements in the Pension scheme like periodical updation of pension along with wage revision for serving employees, 100 % DA to be paid to all pensioners, common indexation of pension, increase in commutable portion of pension, increase in Ex Gratia for Pre-1986 retirees/widows, higher pension for pensioners above the age of 80, etc. After discussion it has been decided to submit a memorandum on these issues to the IBA and the Government and to be pursued further."

Source - AIBEA  Website

Friday, April 9, 2010


 AIBOC has issued detailed  circular clarifying various points regarding 9th BPS. The circular is reproduced below


    We are receiving a number of SMS and e-mails from our members on the understandings reached with the IBA on 3rd April 2010, as regards distribution of wage load of 17.5% among various components of salary and allowances.  In this connection we would like to clarify that,

a)    UFBU has agreed to accept 17.5% wage increase w.e.f 01.11.2007, as per MoU signed on 27th November, 2009. The issue cannot be reopened now.
b)    The 6th Pay Commission recommendations for wage revision of Central Government employers are effective from 01.01.2006, for a term of 10 years. In case of Bank employees it is for a period of 5 years from 01.11.2007.  The distribution of wage load for Central Government employees is not uniform. A meager increase of about 15-20% for lower level officials and higher increase at Secretary Level, with different pay bands is followed for them. Where as in our case we have tried to maintain equidistribution of load factor.
c)    In case of Central Government employees, they will first arrive at the proposed revised scales and allowances and there is no restriction as regards cost of wage bill.  The entire cost will be debited to the National Ex-chequer of the Government of India.
d)    In the case of Bank employees, Government of India first fixes the limit for percentage increase and distribution of the increased load among various components of salary and allowances, is the responsibility of IBA and Unions/Associations.
e)    Therefore, it is a herculean task to balance the demands of IBA and the Unions in drawing the revised scales of officers upto scale VII.
f)    During the current bipartite the demand of the IBA was to distribute higher load to Officers of SMGS IV and above, whereas we demanded equitable distribution of the load to all scales/grades, as higher load to senior grade officers and above will affect the scales of junior officers.
g)    However, keeping in view the higher risk and responsibility of senior executives, we suggested to the IBA to get extra cost over and above 17.5% sanctioned from the Government of India to meet their demand.  The IBA did not accept our suggestion and was bent upon loading higher increase in scales of senior executives.  We are successful in minimising such higher load.

2.    Our members will agree that, the issues being sensitive and the cost involved for higher loading at a senior level officer being barely few crores, breaking the negotiations on this point would have divided our membership. The frustration level at grass root level membership for early settlement is known to everyone. Therefore, Negotiating Committee after due deliberations, has agreed to come to an understanding with IBA on distribution of wage load of 17.5% in salary and allowances. There may be a few aberrations/anomalies as regards revised scales etc., which we will take up with the IBA during our further discussions. There is no hurry in coming to premature conclusions and resorting to vilification campaign to belittle the efforts of the Confederation which may divide the membership. Basic principle of Trade Union is “one for all, and all for one”.  We hope our enlightened members will appreciate the genuine constraints faced by the leadership at negotiating table.

3.    Comrades, we welcome your constructive feedback, but do not appreciate immature reactions, which affect the unity of the great organisation, AIBOC.

With greetings,
Source:  AIBOC website

Monday, April 5, 2010

Distribution of Wage Load to officers upto scale VII , Final settlement on pension and salary revision by 15/04/2010

AIBOC  has  issued a circular  giving a chart showing the present and revised scales from Scale I to VII and giving other additional details. 
According to AIBOC, "It is proposed that next round of discussion on residual issues be held on 9th and 10th April 2010 to finalise the joint note for officers. The UFBU will hold a meeting with IBA on 12.04.2010 to finalize the draft settlement on pension related issues. We expect that by 15th April 2010, final settlement on pension and salary revision will take place."
 For the circular click on the link below.
 AIBOC circular dated 05/04/2010 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bipartite talks on 03.04.2010 - AIBOC version

According to   AIBOC 9th  BIPARTITE is on the verge of   conclusion. Formal signing in   2nd  Week  of  April 2010. 

The important ingredients of the working out are as follows:-
JMGS-I - Rs.14, 500/-    TO Rs.31, 500/-@
MMGS-II - Rs.19, 400/-  TO Rs.34, 200/-@
MMGS-III - Rs.25, 700/- TO Rs.35, 100/-@
@including two additional stagnation increments
SMGS-IV - Rs.30, 600/- TO Rs.36, 200/-
SMGS-V - Rs.36, 200/-  TO Rs.40, 400/-
TEG-VI - Rs.42,000/-  TO Rs.46,800/-
TEG-VII - Rs.46,800/- TO Rs.52,000/-

For every 4 points rise/fall in index, Dearness Allowance at 0.15% per slab.
We have freezed the existing CCA and utilized the amount towards improvement in Basic Pay.  Accordingly, CCA rates  will be as under;

Places in Area I -  4% of Basic Pay, Max. Rs.540/- p.m.
Places with population of more than 5 lacs -  3% of Basic Pay,
Max.     Rs.375/- p.m.

We have retained the existing rate of  HRA  as under:
           Major A class cities -       8.5%
           Other places in Area I -   7.5%
           Other places -                 6.5%

For officers other than SBI, the medical aid has been enhanced as;  
Scale I to III –             Rs. 5100/- p.a.
Scale IV & above -      Rs. 6320/- p.a.

It is a fact that majority of senior officers in Scale I to III are stagnated as promotions are linked to vacancies.  Hence, we have ensured to add two additional stagnation increments in these scales.

Date of Effect - 1st November 2007

For detailed circular click on the following link


Source - AIBOC Website

Bipartite talks on 03.04.2010 - AIBOA and AIBEA version

 Following is the AIBOA  version on Bipartite talks on 

1.    Higher start of Basic Pay demanded but due to
       cost  constraints, IBA not considered.
       Basic Pay Rs.14500/- - Rs.52000/-

2.     Medical Aid –Rs.5100 / upto Scale III – above
        Scale III –      Rs.6320/-

3.      Stagnation Increment for Scale I, II and III – 2     

4.      Next round of discussion on Residual Issues –
          9th &  10th April 2010.

5.      On common issues UFBU meeting with IBA on 
         12.04.2010 for finalizing Pension draft.

6.      Settlement will be signed on 15.04.2010

 Source - AIBOA  Website

Following is the AIBEA version on Bipartite talks on 
" Today (03-04-2010) morning, as informed earlier, we had another round of talks between our five workmen unions and IBA. In today’s meeting, after detailed discussions, final understandings have been reached on the various service conditions and the chart on distribution of the total increase of Rs. 2577 crores to various heads has been finalised. It has now been decided that the next meeting will take place on 7th April, 2010 when the draft settlement will be taken up for finalisation. It has been further decided that after finalising the draft settlement, the signing of the same should be completed by middle of April, 2010.


Comrades, it is a major step today that we are nearing the final settlement. We urge upon our members to remain patient at this crucial hour as we are aware that many misinformed and misguided individuals are trying to create confusions and disaffection. Remain united, remain alert to keep such attempts at a distance.
                            Congratulations to all of you,
Final understandings!
1.    Scales of Pay:
Clerical Staff: 6200 – 400 x 3 – 7400 – 500 x3 – 8900 – 600 x 4 – 11300 – 700 x 7 – 16200 – 1300 x 1 – 17500 – 800 x 1 – 18300.
Substaff: 5500 – 200 x 4 – 6300 – 250 x 5 – 7550 – 300 x 4 – 8750 – 350 x 3 – 9800 – 400 x 3 – 11000.

2.    Stagnation Increment:
Clerical: 7 stagnation increments (800 x 6 once in 3 years & 800 (7th) after 2 years)

Substaff: 7 stagnation increments (400 x 7 once in 2 years)

Extended Pay Scales: (With Stagnation increment)

Clerical: 6200 – 18000 – 23900.

Substaff: 5500 – 11000 – 13800.

3.    DA: 0.15% per slab over 2836 points.

4.    HRA:

a)    Places over 45 lacs   : 10%

b)    12 to 45 lacs             : 9%

c)    5 to 12 lacs               : 7.5%

d)    Below 5 lacs             : 7% 

5.    Transport Allowance: (For Clerks and Substaff)

Upto 15th Stage: Rs. 225 per month

16th Stage and above:  Rs. 275 per month


6. Special Pay:


For November, 2007 to April, 2010: Existing Special Pay will be revised and arrears paid for both clerks and subordinate staff.


From May, 2010 - For Clerks



      Present No Special Pay holders         : Rs. 1000/-

      Present Special Pay holders             : Rs. 1500/-

      Head Cashier II                             : Rs. 1780/-

      Special Assistant                            : Rs. 2180/-


(Note: Out of this, Rs. 1000/- will be added to Basic Pay and balance will continue as Special Pay.)


From May, 2010 - For subordinate staff



      Present No Special Pay holders         : Rs. 350/-

      Present Special Pay holders - Revised Special Pay


(Note: Out of this, Rs. 350/- will be added to Basic Pay and balance will continue as Special Pay.)


7. Fixed Personal Pay & PQP


    Will be revised based on new basic pay.


8. Hill and Fuel Allowance:


a)    Places – 3000 meters and above      : 8% maximum Rs. 1295/-

b)    1500 – 3000 meters                       : 4% maximum Rs. 510/-

c)    Over 1000 meters + Mercara           : 3% maximum 410


9. Medical Aid: Rs. 2000/- per year


10. Hospitalisation Scheme:  Being improved with revised schedule, etc.


11. Part Time Employees: (Lump sum)


(November, 2007 to April, 2010)

         Upto 3 hours per week         : Rs. 1030/-

         3 to 6 hours per week          : Rs. 1440/-


From May, 2010                            : All will be brought to 1/3rd Scale wages.


12. Halting Allowance: Being increased


13. Washing Allowance: Rs. 100/- per month


14. Cycle Allowance: Rs. 75/- per month


15. Split Duty Allowance: Rs. 125/- per month


16. Project Area Compensatory Allowance:


      Group A Centres /Group B Centres  


Clerks : Rs. 205/- per month/Rs. 180/- per month

Substaff  : Rs. 180/- per month/Rs. 150/- per month


17. Special Area Allowance:  Being revised.


18. Reimbursement in Road Travel:


Actual road mileage cost or Rs. 3 per Km whichever is less.


19. Pension:


Another option will be given to all existing employees and those who have retired / died after pension regulation 1995 / 1996.


20. Gratuity:


Will be payable on revised Basic Pay from 1.11.2007


21. Provident Fund: 10% of pay from 1.11.2007


22. Definition of dependence under family:  Upto monthly income of Rs. 3500/-


23. Compensation for losses due to breakage or damage to goods on transfer:


With Receipt/ Without Receipt

Clerks: Rs. 1120/-   / Rs. 745/-

Substaff: Rs. 745/- /  Rs. 560/-


24. Special Leave for Women:


Within the maternity leave entitlement, women employees can avail 45 days special leave for undergoing hysterectomy operation.


25. Effective Date: 1st November, 2007


Improvement in LFC:



for Clerks - AC 2 Tier
for subordinate staff - AC 3 Tier


For subordinate staff
Once in 2 years - 2500 km
Once in 4 years - 5000 km

For clerks
Once in 2 years - 2000 km
Once in 4 years - 4000 km   "

 Source - AIBEA Website

Friday, April 2, 2010

Conclusion of 9th Bipartite Settlement in Sight

AIBOC has issued circular stating that conclusion of 9 th Bipartite settlement is in sight and the meeting with IBA is scheduled on  3rd April 2010.  In the circular clarifications on important issued are given. For detailed cirular click on the following link.

AIBOC Circular

Thursday, April 1, 2010

IBA – UFBU MEETING - 31.03.2010

IBA – UFBU MEETING -  31.03.2010   AIBOA Version
"Today meeting took place of UFBU followed by IBA in afternoon. In the UFBU meeting it was decided to pursue the issue of Pension with IBA and also to expedite wage revision.  The convenor reported that on the equalization demand for PF and incremental cost, IBA/Govt. are not agreed.  On date of effect of pension it was decided to further pursue.

In the meeting with IBA, IBA reiterated its earlier position and negatived our demand on incremental cost and PF equalization.  Further  they informed that in regard to the likely number of persons not  opting, some cost adjustments can be made.  However after talking to the Govt., the CEO reported that the Govt. is for going by actual numbers only.

In view of the negative attitude of the IBA, UFBU has informed IBA that they are withdrawing all Pension demands.  With that meeting ended.

It was agreed to meet IBA on 3rd April 2010 to discuss the issues of wage revision further."

Source AIBOA website