About this blog

Dear Bank Pensioners
      While searching on internet I could not find a website/group discussing specific problems of bank  pensioners. I have observed that many pensioners are posting their views/ comments on other sites , as there was no specific group/ blog site addressing to the specific needs  of bank pensioners. I could observe that many bank pensioners have access to internet and do not find any difficulty in posting their comments/ posts on blog sites. Hence  I felt that there is a need to launch a blog site and form such a group where bank pensioners can express their views, share their knowledge and help each other and bank pensioner community.

      Also a group http://groups.google.com/group/bankpensioner  is launched for specific issues of bank pensioner. This group  is a  forum for  the retired psu bank pensioners for sharing their common problems. There are many issues at individual level pensioner, which can be raised here. The idea is to share and exchange of knowledge of various pension rules, court judgements for the benefit of all bank pensioners.   There are issues like second option of pension,  neutralization of D.A, Updation of pension etc. There may be many other issues on which one can post a comment / view and start discussion. Please join the group and share your views with other bankpensioners.

Chandrashekhar Belsare.