Senior Citizens

Majority of bank pensioners are senior citizens. This section  gives information of  various facilities available to senior citizens and some important website links which are helpful and relevant to senior citizens.

What is the age when one can avail benefits set aside for senior citizens? 
Different sectors have prescribed different ages for offering discounts and benefits to senior citizens:
  • Banks and railways  provide rebates, higher interests on deposits and other facilities to people who 60 years of age and are over.
  • The Income Tax Department , which comes under the purview of the Finance Ministry, classifies a person who is 60 years and above for senior citizen income tax exemptions.
  • Air India  offers senior citizen discounts to males who are 65 years and above and females who are 63 years and above as on the date of commencement of journey.
  • The minimum age of eligibility for old age pension varies from 55 to 65 years from state to state.
  • Senior Citizens Unit Plan of UTI offers the benefit of medical treatment to seniors and their spouse to those who are 58 years and older. Senior Citizens Saving Scheme  prescribes an age limit of 55 to 60 years as an eligibility requirement
  • Local Municipal Corporations such as that of Delhi prescribes 65 years as the age of availing benefits for senior citizens according to the DMC Act  of 1957

Government of India on Senior citizens 
(Source Govt of India website)
The National Policy of Older Persons  - National Council of Older Persons . This Council is taking steps to ensure that the uniform age of 60 years and above is taken into account for availing facilities and benefits to senior citizens. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has also written to all Ministries and State Governments concerned for adopting a uniform age of 60 years for conferring senior citizen status .
Senior Citizens are a treasure to our society. They have worked hard all these years for the development of the nation as well as the community. They possess a vast experience in different walks of life. The youth of today can gain from the experience of the senior citizens in taking the nation to greater heights. At this age of their life, they need to be taken care of and made to feel special. Indian Government provides several benefits through its schemes in various sectors of development. With various tax benefits, travel and health care facilities provisioned for them, Indian Government has created reasons for Senior Citizens to feel happy. 

Some important links for websites dealing with Senior Citizens are given below. Click on the links to go to the site.

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