Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bipartite talks on 25.02.2010 - AIBOC version

 Genreal Secretary  G.D. Nadaf   of  AIBOC  has issued following circular regarding Bipartite talks

One more round of discussions with IBA was held on  25/02/2010 at Mumbai to decide on distribution of wage load of 17.5% and other related factors. Four Officers’ Organizations went in a delegation to Shri K. Ramakrishnan CEO of IBA and submitted a common proposal on distribution of  wage cost on various components of salary and allowances to the IBA, and requested for an early settlement. We also requested the IBA to draw the final settlement on pension and residual issues simultaneously, within the time frame fixed. He too expressed his concern on undue delay in arriving at final settlement and assured to expedite the matter.   

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bipartite talks on 25.02.2010 - AIBEA version

 Negotiations with IBA today

One more round of discussion on our wage revision took place today (25-02-2010) between IBA and 5 workmen unions’ viz. AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF and NOBW.

Continuing the discussions of last round of meeting held on 9.2.2010, today we argued for one more stagnation increment to be made available for senior clerks and sub– staff and it was decided to workout the cost implication of the same. As regards cost of rationalisation of special pay, after our pointing out the number of clerks and sub-staff involved, the revised working resulted in substantial reduction of cost. This additional available amount can now be distributed to other heads like Basic pay, HRA, Transport Allowance, etc.

On the important issues like costing the existing cost of pension, date of effect of pension option, balancing the cost between PF and Pension, etc. IBA maintained their standpoints and we informed IBA that these common issues will be dealt by UFBU.

For the information of our Units and members, we give below

Bipartite talks on 25.02.2010 - AIBOA version

Discussions held between IBA and Officers Organisations at Mumbai on 25th February 2010
Officers Organisations submitted  written proposals on the pay scale & allowances to Dr. Ramakrishna, Secretary, IBA. The same was explained later in the meeting to IBA during the meeting. In response IBA submitted two new proposals on revised pay Scale as under:

Proposal I: 15000 Incr. 600-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-54400.

Proposal II: 14200 Incr. 650-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-54400.

HRA: 6% - 7% - 8% CCA – Existing Rates & Quantum to continue.

 Stagnation Increments: Additional as demanded by Officers Organisations not possible due to cost constraints.

Pension: Effective date to be from date of settlement only.

Pension Cost Calculation: IBA sticks to its methodology.

HRA & Hospitalisation Costs: IBA unwilling to consider request of Officers Organisation to rework these costs.

Pension Settlement: IBA to give draft agreement to Officers organizations shortly.

Residual Issues: Officers Organisations to submit list to IBA shortly.

Officers organization agreed to respond to IBA on these proposals in the next meeting.

No date has been decided for next meeting with IBA. IBA desires early finalization of exercise but its approach not very flexible/conducive for the same. Stalemate position continues on almost all major points, since IBA is refusing to consider our joint proposals.

AIBOA has made it clear that all proposals regarding Pension Costing like SBI Balancing, Cost of Pension and date of effect will be decided on the basis of UFBU decision as this issue is decided earlier through MoU with IBA.

Developments will be informed in due course.

Source - AIBOA Website 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wage Revision Talks - AIBOA Version

1) IBA invites Unions for Talks :

IBA has now fixed next round of negotiations with Officers' Associations on 25 2 2010 at 10.30. AM and with workmen Unions in the afternoon on the same day at Mumbai.

2) Officers' Unions meet on 18 2 2010: On 18th instant at the meeting of All the FOUR OFFICERS ASSOCIATIONS at Mumbai, the issue of a common proposal on main
frame issue of DPDA, HRA,
CCA, cost of Superannuation, medical aid and other items were takenup for discussion.

After elaborate discussions the following proposals emerged:

a) A pay scale of Rs.15000 to 47400

b) A slight increase in HRA percentage;

c) to retain CCA without abolition at the present level without any increase;

d) On Superannuation with parity of existing and increased columns to be insisted. Provision for SBI balancing to be decided as per UFBU decision;

e) Medical aid to be increased property without scope for rejection by IBA by overloading;

It was agreed to workout the cost sheet on the basis of the above lines at Mumbai and to exchange details whereafter, the FOUR UNIONS will sign and submit a consensus proposal to IBA.

Further details will be informed in course of the next round of talks.

Source - AIBOA website

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SBIOA wants govt to better pension scheme

Jamshedpur: The State Bank of India Officers’ Association (SBIOA) wants its management to announce an improved pension scheme for the bank’s 60,000 officers and 1.20 lakh other employees simultaneously with the industry-wide ninth bipartite wage settlement, whenever the overdue settlement takes place.

The United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), the association of bank employees of 19 nationalized commercial banks in the country, all of whom come under one or the other nine bank unions forming the Forum is, for quite some time now, in negotiation with the Indian Banks' Association (IBA), the body representing the different bank managements, over finalising the ninth industry-wide bipartite settlement.

Speaking to FE here on Sunday, G D Nadaf, general secretary, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC), who is also general secretary of the All India State Bank Officers’ Federation (AISBOF), said despite the seven-day nation-wide strike in 2006, the SBI management had “done little” towards improving its existing pension scheme.

“The improvements are yet to come; we have already taken up the issue with the government, we want this issue also to be settled along with the industry-level ninth bipartite currently underway,” said Nadaf.

Among the improvements being demanded by the AISBOF in the bank’s existing pension scheme are that the pension amount receivable by the employee should be 50% of his/her last earned basic pay; that all old pensioners from 1997-98 should also be brought under the fold of the improved scheme as such pensions relate to the 1991 pay-scale.

It also wants 100% neutralisation of dearness allowance (DA) in its pension scheme, which today is there only for employees who continue to serve the bank and not for its pensioners.

The AISBOF general secretary, who was here to attend the 19th triennial general body meeting of State Bank of India Officers’ Association (Patna circle), said the commutation formula in SBI’s existing pension scheme too needed improvement as it was the “worst” in the industry. He said the federation also wants that SBI should incur a proportionate cost of that to be spent by the rest of the industry i.e Rs 6,300 crore for implementing the recently agreed second pension option for banking industry personnel other than SBI.

As SBI had in 1993 borne a proportionate cost in implementing the first industry-wide pension option, Nadaf said the bank should, this time too, share...

Source - Financial Express

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Details of Negotiations with IBA on 9th February, 2010, AIBEA version

As scheduled, another round of Bipartite talks were held today (09.02.10) in Mumbai between IBA and 5 workmen Unions. IBA team was led by Mr. Jagdish Pai, (ED, Canara Bank), Chairman of the Core group of the Negotiating Committee and from the unions, all the five workmen unions viz., AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF and NOBW were represented.

Continuing the discussions of the last round of meeting, today we took up for discussion the cost of rationalisation of special pay, method of calculating the existing cost of pension, accounting the cost of retirement benefits of PF / Pension Optees on account of proposed wage revision, date of effect of pension option settlement, etc. The IBA, after listening to our arguments and viewpoints, informed that these important issues are needed to be discussed in their full Negotiating Committee before reacting to us.

In today’s meeting, we further took up various other issues and service conditions like improvement in LFC, Special Area Allowance, making part time employees on lumpsum wages to 1/3 wages, commencement of LFC from mainland for employees working in Northeast, Andaman / Nicobar, Lakshwadeep etc, improvement in hospitalization scheme, domiciliary treatment of few more ailments, allowing LFC within entitlement while travel abroad, improvement in class of travel for LFC, one more option to change LFC block, improvement in reimbursement of package charges for certain major operations, removal of few anomalies in certain existing provisions etc. IBA was very positive on all these issues.

However, important issues like pension cost, special pay etc are yet to be finalised as mentioned above and hence these matters need further discussions.

Further discussions will continue in the next round of meeting and efforts are on to expedite the settlement.

In the meantime, the exercise of drafting the settlement is also underway.

Source - AIBEA Website

Meeting of UFBU with IBA on 8th and 9thFeb. 2010

As per available information, proposed meeting of Officers'
Organisations with the IBA on 8th & 9th February, 2010 is postponed.
Next date of meeting is yet to be decided.