Sunday, October 29, 2017

Super Top Policy of New India for Bank Retirees

Circular issued by AIBRF on the above subject is reproduced below

Ref:2017/114                                                     Date:26.10.2017

    The office Bearers/ Central Committee Members/ State Body Chiefs
    Dear Comrades,
           Re: Super Top Policy of New India for Bank Retirees
                 Target of 10000
    We are pleased to  inform you that as per the message received from New India, it has agreed to issue Super Top Policy on the basis of data on proposal received by Pragmatic up to 25.10.2017 and  cheques received  towards payment of premium are being deposited in the bank w.e.f 26.10.2017 and all cheques received up to 25.10.2017 will be deposited latest by 30.10.2017 to become policy to be effective from 01.11.2017.

2. The cheques received after 26.10.2017 will be deposited after 01.11.2017 and the risk of such members will be covered from date of realisation of cheque and payment to the insurance company.

3. It has been further decided to extend date of joining NIA Super Top policy up to 30.11.2017 in view of the fact that the retirees were busy in renewal of base policy , financial load for payment of 2 premiums in one month and to understand features of super top policy first time. Those who wish to join the super top policy may send proposal form duly completed  at the earliest on the following address

  Pragmatic Insurance Broking Services Pvt. Ltd.
  Sunshine Avenue Opp. Balaji Traders
  Near Datta Mandir Chowk
  Viman Nagar PUNE 411014
4. It may be mentioned the proposal forms received during the months of November ,risk in such cases will be covered from date of realisation of cheques and payment to the insurance company. However policy period will be 01.11.2017 to 31.10.2018.

5. We shall be placing lists of member under the super top policy along with policy document on AIBRF website immediately after receipt from New India. We shall also place bank wise list of TPAs under super top policy which of course will be the same as available in base policy. Pragmatic/ New India  will create special cell/ desk to provide after sale service to members. Details will be advised shortly.

6. It may be mentioned that now because of efforts and initiative of AIBRF, concept of super top policy has become very popular among bank retirees giving them reliable comfort towards tackling health
related issues at the advancing age. Now retirees can enjoy the following health insurance at reasonable premium at very attractive terms.
                                SUM ASSURED                         PREMIUM
BASE                             3,00,000                           12333
New India Super Top    5,00,000                             3511
United India Super Top 4,00,000                             3511

Total                            12,00,000                           19253


BASE                             4,00,000                            16443
New India Super Top    6,00,000                              3806
United India Super        5,00,000                              3806

Total                             15,00,000                          24055

The above schemes have opened new window for bank retirees for which AIBRF make efforts for further improvement. It may be mentioned that as per  existing rules one can take multiple super top policies and use any one for claim as per his/her choice. We convey our thanks to all our activists for extending overwhelming  support to the scheme
              With Warm Regards.
                                                                      Yours Sincerely,
                                                                       ( S.C.JAIN)
                                                                GENERAL SECRETARY

Monday, October 9, 2017

Renewal of Group Mediclaim Scheme for Bank Retirees - CBPRO/AIBPARC letter to UFBU

We reproduce below the circular issued by AIBPARC
Circular No. 55/17.                                     06.10.2017.

Dear Comrade,
Sub : Renewal of Group Mediclaim Scheme for Bank Retirees.
You are aware of the fact that IBA has already advised the banks in the last week of September, 2017 about the modalities of renewal of group mediclaim scheme for bank retirees for the period commencing from 1st November, 2017. Different banks have already issued circulars while a few banks are yet to do. The realization of premium will be effected in the last week of October, 2017 in most of the banks. In the given circumstances, CBPRO/AIBPARC have made a representation to the convener of UFBU with a request to make efforts to subsidize the premium to the maximum extent possible and also to bring a uniformity in regard to the super top up policy with a more improved offer of ceiling of reimbursement. It may please also be noted that the leadership of AIBPARC has been in touch with the individual components of UFBU and requested them to use their good offices with IBA in this regard. The letter of AIBPARC/CBPRO is reproduced hereunder for information of members.
With best wishes,
To Dated: 05.10.2017
Com. Sanjeev Kumar Bandlish
Convener UFBU
Dear Comrade. Sanjeev,
Sub: Bank Retires Insurance Scheme
I very fervently request you to present the following before the IBA and UIIC in your tomorrow's meeting.
1. UIIC SHOULD REDUCE PREMIUM and the reason of high claim ratio is questionable.
2. Retirees Premium should be at least reasonably subsidized though as per DFS, Govt. Of India communication to IBA Dated 24th Feb 2012 they only advised IBA to devise Medical Insurance Scheme both for serving employees and Retirees and never the DFS suggested to collect the Premium from the Retirees.
3.The Super Top Up Policy offered by UIIC should be officially communicated to all member Banks and those opt for Super Top Up Policy the Premium should be collected along with Basic Policy and remitted to UIIC by the Banks.
4. UIIC SHOULD IMPROVE THE Super Top-up Policy to Rs  5 lacs for Award Staff and Rs 6 lacs for Officer Retirees.
5. The process of settlement of claims should be smooth and fast and holding the bills unsettled on flimsy grounds should be avoided.
In case of Retirees the claimants are maximum two and in good number of cases only one as the other would have ceased to exist.
Family Pensioners are the worst sufferers as the Family Pension is abysmally very poor and they just cannot afford to pay such high premium.
We once again request you to take care of the Retirees with utmost concern and compassion.
With Regards,
Yours sincerely,
K .V .Acharya.