Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome to the blog for bank pensioners

Dear all bank pensioners,

This blog is for the retired psu bank pensioners for sharing their common problems. There are many issues at individual level pensioner, which can be raised here. The idea is to share and exchange of knowledge of various pension rules, court judgements for the benefit of all bank pensioners.


  1. When some banks have already paid arrears on account of the Supreme Court Decision, I understand that in Canara Bank, the Board has sought for permission of the Finance Ministry. I do not know as to whether Finance Ministry is above Supreme Court.

    In Central Government, there is a rule which says that one post one pension. This is being followed in other State Governments also.

    The above rule is based on a Supreme Court Decision.

    Why such a rule is not followed in Banks?

    This rule will mean and result in a retiree who retired as Senior Manager (Scale III) getting atleast 50% of the start of the scale of pay settled in each settlement for the current employees as his basic pension. For example if the scale of pay for a scale III is decided as Rs.30000 - xxx - xxx - 50000, then the basic pension of a past retiree has to be Rs.15000/- If in the next settlement the scale of pay is decided as Rs.45000 - xxx - xxx - 70000, then the basic pension of the past retiree has to be Rs.22500/-

    In this way only my father who is a state govenment retiree and whose basic pension was Rs.151 in 1972 is getting a basic pension of Rs.7000 + today.

    Can we not ask for such a facility?


  2. Hello All,

    My father is VRS optee from BOM. Before taking VRS he had completed 25yrs in service.

    Recently we came to know that Supreme court has issued a notice that all bank employees who have opted for VRS and have completed 25yrs of service will get additional 5yrs benefit.

    I wanted to know is that ture? If so whats the process of claiming the same from the bank?

    Thanks in advance
    M R K