Thursday, May 6, 2010

D.A. rates for pensioners - No Change

There are many queries regarding D.A. rates for pensioners. Regarding these queries , it is clarified as under.
D.A. rates for pensioners change in the months of February and August on six monthly basis and NOT on quarterly basis as in the case of existing employees. Hence there is no change in D.A. for pensioners from the month of May 2010 , though the D.A. is increased for existing employees with effect from May 2010. 
Present D.A. rates for pension effective from February 2010 are given below for ready reference.
Retired after 01-11-1992 upto 31-03-1998 - 667 Slabs over 1148 points
     Upto 2400           2401-3850          3851-4100         Above 4100
     233.45%               193.43%            113.39%              60.03%

Retired after 01-04-1998 upto 31-10-2002 - 533 Slabs over 1684 points
     Upto 3550           3551-5650          5651-6010          Above 6010
     127.92%                106.60%              63.96%                31.98%

Retired after  1-11-2002
upto 31-10-2007  - 382 Slabs over 2288 points
      For the entire Basic Pension Amount    68.76%

Retired on or after  1-11-2007  - 245 Slabs over 2836 points (i.e. retired after 9th BPS)
     For the entire Basic Pension Amount    36.75%

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  1. we are yet to know if the 9th BPS basic pay revision will automatically revise the BASIC PENSION of retirees after 1/11/2007.(50%)of the basic pay last drawn or the earlier ceiling of 50%and 40%(10520/-+40% above old basic of Rs.21040/)what is the actual position,can AIBOC,AIBEA,AISBOF,SBIOA UFBU AND OTHER ORGANISATIONS THROW SOME LIGHT ON THIS OR THEY ARE ALSO IGNORANT OF THIS CRUCIAL MATTER?