Sunday, August 1, 2010

Increase in D.A. slabs from August 2010

Pensioners DA will increase by 27 slabs from Aug 2010.
D.A calculator is available for calculating revised D.A. and difference. For calculating D.A , enter basic ( original basic without reducing commutation amount) and click on the calculate button. Revised D.A , Present D.A. and difference will be displayed on the calculator. Select appropriate retirement date range according to the date of retirement.
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D.A. Rates for Pensioners (%)  27 slabs more
 Retired prior to 01-11-1992 - 831 Slabs over 600 points
     Upto 1250    1251-2000    2001-2130    Abv 2130
         556.77%    457.05%      274.23%      141.27%
After 01-11-1992 upto 31-03-1998 - 694 Slabs over 1148 points
     Upto 2400    2401-3850    3851-4100    Abv 4100
         242.90%      201.26%      117.98%      62.46%
After 01-04-1998 upto 31-10-2002 - 560 Slabs over 1684 points
     Upto 3550    3551-5650    5651-6010    Abv 6010
       134.40%      112.00%       67.20%       33.60%
Retired on or after  1-11-2002 - 409 Slabs over 2288 points
For the entire Basic Pension Amount    73.62%
Retired on or after  1-11-2007 - 272 Slabs over 2836 points
For the entire Basic Pension Amount    40.80%

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  1. Can I please know what is the current status of acceptance/implementation of 100% merger of DA for pensioners who have retired prior to 2002.
    I have taken my VRS under the pension scheme from 18-4-1998.

  2. 100% neutralisation of DA - The Eighth Bi-partite settlement introduced 100% D.A. neutralisation in the banking industry also like government retirees . Unlike in the case of government retirees where all retirees are covered, here, the retirees who retired prior to 1-11-2002 have been denied 100%DA neutralization without any reason or logic. In the settlement D.A neutralization is calculated @100% for all serving employees and the same % of neutralization is applied in respect of DA paid on basic pension paid/ payable on pension for employees retiring after 1st November 2002 i.e. date of implementation of both the settlement and the joint note, with effect from 01-02-2005. The pensioners who retired prior to this date, i.e 01-11- 2002 are being denied this benefit and paid D A at the tapered rates as paid hitherto even after 01-05-2005.

    2. Updation of pension- In the case of government pensioners , whenever pay comission updates pay scales of government servants, basic pension of the government pensioners is also updated in some proprotion to the increase in basic of the existing govt servants. The pension of all the retirees is updated by notional fixation of their pay by adopting the same formula as for the serving employees. In the case of bank pensioner, their pension is not updated when there is a salary revision of existing employees.
    kindly advise me where the above issues stand as of today with regard to their acceptance/implementation at the iba/ bank level.
    thanks and regards.......... i HAVE TAKEN MY vrs AS A SCLAE iii OFFICER FROM SYNDICATE BANK IN APRIL 1998.
    v ramachandran

  3. There seems to be no progress at all in the areas covered by you.The ninth bipartite is silent on these points as well.So our wait should continue without an outer limit.