Friday, July 22, 2011

Dharana by bank pensioners oganisation in Trivandrum for various demands of bank pensioners

 Following is the report on Dharana by bank pensioners at Trivandrum by ABROA Unit State Bank of Travancore.

We are glad to report that a Dharna was organised in Trivandrum yesterday by the Kerala Unit of the Retired Bank Officers' National Confederation for drawing attention of the powers-that-be to the most important of the issues confronting the membership, namely, updation, 100% neutralisation, increase in ex gratia and family pensions, medical benefits etc. The focus was on the most vital issues.

Timed to coincide with the anniversary of bank nationalisation, the dharna was addressed by Mrs Jameela Prakasam MLA (herself a bank retiree), Mrs K Chandrika (Worshipful Mayor of Trivandrum), Shri Pannyan Raveendran Ex MP (National leader of CPI), Secretary of the State Civil Pensioners' Association, Divisional Secretary of the LIC Pensioners' Association and several leaders of the unions/associations of the serving employees and officers. 

A memorandum highlighting the plight of retirees and their families (The widow of a retired General Manager getting a consolidated pension of Rs 1,000, a retired Assistant General Manager receiving a basic pension of just Rs 300) etc had been drafted and was circulated among them. All those who addressed the Dharna (but are not/were not bankers) were surprised and shocked at these revelations. Pledging all support to our cause, they have promised to take up the matter with the authorities.

Let the dharna in Trivandrum not be a solitary instance; let the initiative be sustained elsewhere. Let all MPs know about the sad plight of retirees so that when the matter is raised on the floor of the Parliament, the matter will receive unanimous and whole-hearted support. For that, the lead has to be taken by retirees at other centres. Our request is to organise similar events at all centres in order to create a groundswell. 

A copy of the memorandum is attached with you could modify incorporating facts of similar cases in the your geographical area (instead of the details of Mr C John Jacob, Mr S S Menon, Mr V Balachandran etc) and send to the MPs in your respective areas.

Associate Banks' Retired Officers' Association Unit: State Bank of Travancore



  1. The Unions,flip-flop on the issues raised above and the latest anomolies in 9BPS & Pension/Gratuity effective date, have shattered the illusion of retired banking class that the Govt/Unions represents its interests.Unions have creatively redefined employees interest to the benefit of vested interests. It will be folly to ignore the realities. What is at stake is the future of the retirees and not survival of the Unions. With more and more leaders in Govt being accused in connection with one scam or the other, the common retiree is left wondering which party is actually fighting for their interest? Let retired officers solve their problems for themselves.

  2. Even now if all retired bank pensioners join together to fight for their legitimate rights, it is possible to bargain with Managements of banks and also with IBA.

    Firstly they should start their own Co-Operative Society offering interest rate higher than nationalized banks to senior citizens and collect deposit of at least Rupees one lakh or more per retiree.

    Secondly, they can impress upon to IBA that the amount retirees are holding as deposits in nationalized banks is substantial for bargaining for their rights.

    Thirdly, all retirees aged between 60 to 62 years should work for the Co-operative society for its growth and for welfare of all retirees selflessly.

    fourthly all retirees should be covered with health insurance by having a tie up with insurance companies by the society.

    By incorporating various welfare measures for retirees with their own funds will ensure building confidence among retirees and also bring them under one umbrella for further actions if any.

  3. All the employees and officers who retired from the Banks from 24-5-2010 are paid Gratuity either under the Gratuity Act ( with Max. of Rs. 10 lakhs ) or under our BPS/OSR ( without any ceiling ) whichever is higher.

    Amount 15 days wage x number of years of service
    With maximum of Rs.10 Lakhs ( w.e.f. 24-5-2010 )

    Basic Pay + DA + Special Pay + PQP + FPP + Officiating Pay

    One day wage Monthly wage divided by 26

    Example: (Retirement on or after 24-5-2010 )

     A Special Assistant, Graduate/CAIIB retiring at maximum of scales with 7 stagnation increment and after 40 years service:

    As per 9th Bipartite Settlement:
    Pay Rs. 28,110/-
    Gratuity Rs. 28,110 x 20 = Rs. 5,62,200/-

    As per Gratuity Act:
    Wage Rs. 38,925/-
    One day wage Rs. 1,497/-
    Gratuity Rs. 1,497 x 15 x 40 = Rs. 8,98,200/-


    It can be observed from the example that there is a difference in the definition of "WAGE" as per Act and "Pay" as per 9BPS or OSR.
    Due to this the difference in calculation. How Unions have not insisted for uniformity in the definition Wage/Pay for Gratuity Calculation purpose with IBA/Govt. Unions to seek modification of calculation under BPS/OSR from 01.11.2007 so that the anomaly is removed as one time measure from 1.11.2007, in the 9th BPS.
    Suggessions in this regard are welcome