Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top PSB Official Loses Pension Claim

No Good-bye This: Top PSB Official Loses Pension Claim -
  A senior official belonging to a South-based public sector bank was in for a rude shock on his last working day at the bank. Minutes after his colleagues and the bank’s senior management gave him a grand farewell and posed for photograph — the customary ritual as and when a senior official reaches superannuation — the bank chairman took him aside for a chat. What followed was not polite conversation: the chairman handed him a charge sheet, which, according to grapevine, follows a complaint from the chief vigilance commission. “It was very surprising. Only minutes before the chairman had showered praises on him....He can’t claim pension till the commission clears his name,” said a employee of the bank. 
 Source  - Economic Times dtd. 03/01/2012


  1. Sad state of affairs. I feel the HR personnel of the Bank have shabbily handled this matter

  2. very sad.THis is the reason why several officers seek VRS before superannuation.In either case pensioners are to suffer .In the case of VRS PSBs do not grant benefits such as medical hospitalisation etc as compared to superannuated pensioners.if you take superannuation you will be punished like this

  3. Why can't they publish the name of the bank and other details? What is the necessity to hide? When every detail is available a solution to such problems may emerge from readers who might have faced similar situations in the past and they may come out with remedies.

  4. It is very sad and bad too. There are good number of characters in PSU Banks who enjoy somebody's sorrow.They will intentionally delay the disciplinary matters and bring to surface only at the fag moment of last day.Let it be corruption,bad loans etc. why the top management sleep till last ? Why don't they take timely action during service time ? Only to punish. Sad. Sad.