Friday, September 14, 2012

Charter of Demands of pensioners

 AIBRF has prepared a charter of demands of pensioner which contains following demands
1  100 per cent D.A. neutralisation to Pre-2002 retirees.
2.  Pension updation on the pattern of 6th Pay Commission.
3.  Uniform Medical Scheme for retirees.
4. Two percent of bank profit should be allocated for Welfare of bank retirees.
5. One more option of pension should be given to all past retirees who are originally   eligible as per provisions of Pension Regulations 1995.
6.  Differentiation between retirees and resignees should be removed for the purpose of pension option.
7.  Establishment of proper grievance Redressal Mechanism for retirees in all banks at Corporate and Zonal Level.
8.  Index based dearness rates should be granted to retirees on quarterly basis along with serving employees instead of in six monthly basis.
9.  Improvement in Ex-gratia amount payable to Pre-1986 in view of steep rise in inflation. 

Source : AIBRF Website


  1. The demands are genuine.Even UFBU should take it up with the demands of the employees/officers demand while negotiating theirs

  2. The UPA-II is administering shock after shock to aam-admi by increasing fuel prices. AIBRF is giving shocks to superannuated employees retired between 2006- May 2010, by ignoring enhanced gratuity issue. The demands of superannuated staff were put on back burner when compared to voluntarily retired staff. Man can live individually, but can survive only collectively. Hence, the challenge is to form a progressive community by balancing the interests of the individual and that of the community. To meet this, we need to develop a value system where people accept the common good.Whats the sin committed by 2006- May 2010 retirees?

  3. Like our brothern colleagues Bank Pensioners,Insurance employees opted SVRS in March 2004 and more than 10,000 employees/officers took SVRS. After this the GIPSA manage3ment revised the salary but w.e.f August 2002.
    These SVRS employees are dye for arrears as per the scale of 2002-but the management has not yet considering the revision effect for these dedicated retirees tii now! Our pension is still based on the earlier to 2992 revision although these employees were on rolls till March 2004,
    Dear Bank brotherrn retirees what should we do to get our eligible benefits and pensions-Please guide us and help us,

  4. Good demands-let us pray that it will be implemented.
    Why not the same applicable to Insurance SVRS optees?

  5. The 9th demand is Improvement in Ex-gratia amount payable to Pre-1986 in view of steep rise in inflation. They are making this demand for ageing members very late. It is strange that the same Unions neglected the demand for enhanced gratuity implementation from Jan 2006 to members who superannuated before 24.05.2010,-keeping inflation into consideration. Will they realize the mistake and do justice before it is too late? or they will make the demand in after 25 years?.

  6. I think the AIBRF and AIBOC have just left hope. The astonishing part is - they have not attemped to raise the said demand with the Government. Should be fight on our own, legally? What is the next recourse ?

  7. Supreme court decision of GIPSA-SVRS employees pension revision isa longstanding issue. Let us hope SC will consider and mpass judement for revision of retirees immediately without further delay andhelp the retired employees.

  8. The Supreme court is handling the SVRS pensioners arrears case. I Insurance industry svrs employees of 2004 who took retirement on 31st March 2004 are still to get the revision pension due to them of 2002 scheme which was implemented with effect from 1st August 2002.We request the Apex court to give its decision favourably immediately to help the aged pensioned employees and oblige.As the high courts of the country has refered to Apex court- we sincerely feel the court will give its mandate immediately.
    Jayakumar Suryanarayana