Monday, October 1, 2012

Pension to resigned employees - Impact of RBEWA communincation

Following communique is received from Shri R.K. Pathak, President, RBEWA (Resigned Bank Employees Welfare Association). 
The issue of pension option to left over retirees was actively taken by RBEWA with DFS & IBA Mumbai.

The issue was taken up vide our letter dated 27/07/2012 addressed to DFS with copy yo IBA. ( click here to view PDF file :- Pension option to Resignees

On 25/07/2012, DFS advised IBA to remove the word " Superannuation " from its circular dated 10/08/2010 and advise member banks accordingly.

In view of experience of working of IBA, RBEWA, cautioned IBA to interpret the agreement positively vide our communication dated 4/08/2012. ( Click here to view Unresolved Pension issues). The copy of the communication was mailed to IBA on 4/8/2012.

IBA didnot acknowledge  the communication but certainly took its cognizance and sent communication to DFS vide their letter dated 6/8/2012. Unfortunately we do not have the copy of the said communication at present but its contents can be ascertained from the communication of Mr. Harvindar Singh , General Secretary of ALL INDIA NATIONALISED BANK OFFICERS’ FEDERATION dated 19/09/2012 addressed to DFS. ( Click here to view the letter )

Mr. Harvindar Singh had precisely made submission to DFS highlighting how the issue can be resolved without modifying the agreement.

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  1. It is surprising that when the next BP settlement is nearing, the unions are negotiating ( as it appears from correspondence with IBA) for 2nd. option to resignees & VRS only instead of for all categories of left over retirees. I pray to them on behalf of others not to specify any category in their letters but insist upon left-overs who are otherwise eligible for pension as per original pension regulations. Great hopes on them to avoid litigation individually. Regards. Request others to add their views.