Thursday, June 27, 2013

Madras High Court Judgement copy on 100% Neutralisation of D.A

Madras High Court has recently delivered a judgement on 100% neutralisation case.  Court order copy is now available. Click on the following link to view full judgement.

Madras High Court Judgement on 100% DA neutralisation


  1. On reading the verdict, it is clear the pre 2002 retirees have lost their case for 100% DA neutralisation. Any difference of opinion ?
    Anybody ?

  2. Yes. But this was on expected lines in my opinion. Majority of the decisions goes in favour of working/retired class in lower courts by which time the workers/retirees gets almost exhausted. When managements moves to higher courts, these people will not be in a position to fight in a befitting manner due to lack of funds, courage and enthusiasm. Ultimately, loosers will be working class.

  3. No reply/difference of opinion means my conclusion was correct. Now, anybody knows what could be the next step ? Supreme Court ?

  4. Was there any change of counsel by the respondents while responding to the Writ Appeals ? Secondly, it appears that the judgement of 17/6/2013 has not given due consideration to the Supreme Court Judgement of Dec.2012 in a case of pensioners of TN Government. Thirdly, can anyone tell what action AB Kasturiragan and others took against the said judgement of June 2013,