Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bipartite talks between UFBU and IBA

According to UFBU circular, in the meeting held at Mumbai, IBA has agreed to agreed to give effect of the new settlement from the date of expiry of the 9th Bipartite settlement i.e. 1st November 2012 and merger of DA up to 4440 index i.e. 401 slabs in the basic pay and construct new pay scales for the employees accordingly. It appears that pension issue was not taken for discussion in this round, as there is no mention of pension revision issue in the circular. 

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  1. Hi all,

    I think it is time for all retiree / pensioners organizations to come together, form UFRPO (United Forum of Retirees and Pensioners Organizations), form a compact committee consisting of people with necessary leadership qualities, inform Govt of India, Ministry of Finance that this committee is to be authorized to negotiate with IBA pending issues of retirees and pensioners.

    Also, this negotiation should not be after the main wage revision talks but concurrent with it.

    As I see it, based on the urgency and burning nature of the issues involved, the following priority is to be set:

    a) Allowing 2nd pension option to left over categories like resignees, CRS, exit optees

    b) 100% DA neutralization to pre 2002 pensioners

    c) Revision of exgratia to 1986-1993 pensioners and family pension

    d) Updation of pension along with salary revision every time

    e) Uniform medical benefits in all banks for pensioners

    f) Payment of pension uniformly on the last working day of each month

    AIBOC took initiative to bring together the retiree organizations but there doesn't appear to be the requisite swiftness in addressing the pending issues, CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT THE AFFECTED PEOPLE ARE SENIOR CITIZENS who may not live endlessly to receive the expected benefits.

    Through this forum I appeal to everyone concerned to get together and get going quickly.

    I am a life member of Bank of Baroda Retired Officers Association and a resignee still waiting for pension to be allowed to me. My present financial situation does not permit me to contribute any large amount to the cause of formation of such an effective umbrella body but I am still willing to pay some small amount say Rs.1,000/- to Rs.2,000/- as contribution initially. If I am fortunate to receive pension, I am willing to contribute more for sustaining the activities of the umbrella organization on an ongoing basis as newer issues will always arise.

    Ramasubramanian V
    BoB Resignee 2004