Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bipartite talks on 14-06-2014 - Retiree issues

It is learnt that,  in the bipartite talk of 14-06-2014 the retiree issues were discussed and IBA informed as under.

(1) IBA is favourably inclined  to  consider    100   percent   
     Dearness Allowance to all  retirees  including  pre-2002  
     retirees and have written to  the government for approval.   
     Approval is awaited.
(2) As regards improvement in family pension, IBA is  
     favourably inclined to consider and will recommend to the 
     government for approval after studying cost implications.
(3) As regards updation exercise for the past retirees, IBA is

     apprehensive about it in view of huge cost involved in it.

Source : AIBRF Website

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