Saturday, July 25, 2015

Appeal to Chief Justice , Supreme Court of India

An appeal is made to Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India, by Shri S  Ramchandran ,Pune based bank pensioner, aged 76 years. The appeal is signed by 20 senior citizens amongst whom  Shri S. G. Lele is 87 years old and Shri C. M Bhat is 86 years old.  Subject of the appeal is  as following :
Violation of fundamental rights of senior citizens guaranteed under Article 21 of constitution of India
Unreasonable and unjustified denial of Updation of Pension, improvement in family pension and 100% DA neutralization to the Bank Retirees [during the recently concluded wage revision] since 1995

Last para of the appeal is reproduced hereunder
It is in view of the facts referred at points 1-10 above and average litigation span of ten years & short of life at our disposal, specifically of Mr. S G Lele (87 years), Mr. C M Bhat (86 years) and other signatories of 80+years, we earnestly pray for your intervention and this Petition may kindly be treated as a Suo-Moto Writ Petition on the appellate side of the Honorable Supreme Court

Therefore for the points 1 to 10 above, we pray your lordship may be pleased to call for

1. the records and minutes of wage revision discussions in which our issues were discussed and finally taken the stand as mentioned in Record Note of Discussion dated 25.05.2015.

2. to investigate into the cost of updation of pension, improvement in family pension and 100% DA neutralization by Actuarials defined in Pension Regulations 1995.

3. Upon investigation report from actuarials, to order to the concerned banks RBI and GOI, to arrive at the decision on the demands of the retirees.

For the kind response and acts of your Lordship, we all, shall always remain obliged, as duty bound.
With Respectful &Warm Regards, 



Click here to view the list of signatories.

Interested  bank pensioners can send such petition to Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India, with suitable modifications.
The exhibits referred in the appeal can be had from Shri S. Ramchadran (email : or Shri R. K. Pathak ( email :

Source: Bankpensioner google group

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  1. Bank Pensioners should be given impartial treatment by the Indian Banks Associstion and its member banks.Hon'ble Suprime court should take cognizance to implement its verdict infavour of retired bankers if it is not implemented and take action as a contempt of court against the alleged. Kindly, provide them justice.