Wednesday, May 4, 2016

IBA refuses to discuss with Retiree Organisation

According to  IBA communication dated 13 April 2016 addressed to Dr. Natchiappan , Honorable MP & Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Grievances, wherein it states that
" the matter regarding holding the discussion with the Retirees Associations on the issue raised by them was put up to the Managing Committee of IBA in its meeting dated 02/03/2016. The Committee deliberated at length on the issues and felt that in absence of a mandate from Member Banks, it would not be appropriate for the IBA to discuss / negotiate the issue with the Retiree Associations. There are number of Retiree Associations and and there is no set prescribed procedure to verify their majority status / membership details."
With this stand of IBA, Hope CBPRO and AIBRF will adopt their action plan to Counter IBA in the matter.
Contributed by Shri R. K. Pathak


  1. Retirees generally are not very tenacious and accept things handed out to them. There are n number of retirees associations under different banners . IBA is taking advantage of this ground reality . It is time that even at this ripe age ,bank retirees should give up their egos and fight unitedly for a common cause. In IOB there are two retirees associations and the hapless retirees do not know whether to join this assn. or that assn. In the process, the unity among retirees is the casuality. If you want to fight,stay united. IBA knows the division very well and exploit it to their advantage.

  2. Ravindran has expressed quite right about IBA's attitude and strategy for retirees.

    Dear friends,
    It is surprising that a land mark judgement delivered by the Supreme Court of India on 01 07 2015, Civil Appeal no. 1123 of 2015 has gone unnoticed and except for a brief letter from Shri S R Sen Gupta to IBA, no other union has taken any steps. The salient features of the judgement:
    1. The bench has authoritatively ruled that Pension is a right and the payment of it does not depend upon the discretion of the Government. Pension is governed by rules and a Government Servant coming within those rules is entitled to claim pension.
    2.The judgement has recognised that the revision of pension and revision of pay scales are INSEPARABLE.
    3.The bench has reiterated that on revision the Basic pension cannot be less than 50% of the Basic Pension in the minimum of the Pay Band in the revised scale corresponding to the pre-revised scale.
    4.The government CANNOT take a plea of financial burden to deny legitimate dues of the pensioners.
    5.The Government SHOULD AVOID unwarranted litigation and not to encourage any litigation for the sake of litigation.
    6. When pension is upheld to be a right and NOT A BOUNTY, as a corollary to the averment that revision of pension and revision of pay scales are INSEPARABLE, upgradation of pension is also a RIGHT AND NOT A BOUNTY.
    The above details are available in the latest issue of Canara Bank Retired Officer's Association Circular no 3/2016 dated 1st August 2015.
    The judgement is very clear and I wonder how no one has noticed the important aspects and why no one has taken up the matter with the IBA/Govt.
    Why no one has reacted to the judgement is surprising and perplexing.
    While agitation is on why can't we take recourse to court also as Supreme Court advocates are offering their services. One ruling by SC that govt can't deny pension for lack of funds regarding OROP every year and VRS case
    For information of all.