Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Appeal to Chief Justice of India made in July 2015 has been registered by Supreme Court as Petition

Letter received from Shri R K Pathak , our google group member , on the above subject is reproduced below.
Dear Pensioners,
Please recall your attention to my earlier communication to group dated 25/07/2015, wherein I have forwarded the copy of Appeal made to Chief Justice of SCI by Shri. S Ramchandran, former GM of BOB regarding updation of Pension100% DA neutralization , with prayer as under:-   

It is in view of the facts referred at points 1-10 above and average litigation span of ten years & short of life at our disposal, specifically of Mr. S G Lele (87 years), Mr. C M Bhat (86 years) and other signatories of 80+years, we earnestly pray for your intervention and this Petition may kindly be treated as a Suo-Moto Writ Petition on the appellate side of the Honorable Supreme Court  
Therefore for the points 1 to 10 above, we pray  your lordship may be pleased to call for
1. the records and minutes of wage revision discussions in which our issues were discussed and  finally taken the stand as mentioned in Record Note of Discussion dated 25.05.2015.
2. to investigate into the cost of updation of pension, improvement in family pension and 100% DA neutralization by Actuarials defined in Pension Regulations 1995.
3. Upon investigation report from actuarials, to order to the concerned banks RBI and GOI, to arrive at the decision on the demands of the retirees. 
For the kind response and acts of your Lordship, we all, shall always remain obliged, as duty bound. ".[ Copy attached for ready reference]

I am glad to inform that Honorable SC has registered the said appeal as "Grievance" / Petition today on 19/09/2016 with DIARY No. 39861 of 2016 " .

It is worthwhile to mention that I was actively associated with this task and Mr. S. Ramchandran, former GM of BOB  at the age of 76 was moving to have the signatures of Senior Citizens on the Appeal.


At least NOW , the biggest retiree organisation and AIBPARC will coordinate on this issue to take this matter forward.

With Regards

Pathak R K 




  1. Excellent move. Congrats. There are several persons who had resigned in 1989, 1990, etc., after serving for more than 10 years, nearly 20 years, etc., when there was no VR Scheme in nationalised banks like Canara Bank. Such persons are really suffering in old age without any pension benefits, as they got only paltry sum as PF and Gratuity. AIBPARC is requested to take up the case of such persons also and help them in their evening of life.

  2. Shri.S.Ramachandran Sir s petition has evoked response.hope for the best.may v request CBRO to follow up the matter

  3. Heartiest congratulations to shri S Ramachandran for this great achievement. I hope pensioners unions will support this effort and take it to conclusive end by impleading themselves in this petition in suppot of shri Ramachandran and others.my fellow pensioners will also comeforward and standby them for all sought of support needed for the case in future.

  4. It's our good luck this is accepted by the Hon'ble SCI simultaneously I plead as it is told Justice Delayed is Justice Denied while this turcharge is continuing for Decades on senior citizens and more painfully on Super Senior Citizens fo no fault of their own.
    i appeal the Appex Court of the Country to provide Justice earlier before they met with the Final stage of Life.

  5. let's a good sense prevail upon them for an early disposal.

  6. The case needs to move with extraordinary urgency considering that some of the pensioners are above 80 years old. The registration itself took more than a year. It should move as a fast track case with a provision for an immediate interim relief of at least for that an amended prayer must be made in the SC.