Friday, January 27, 2017

Proceedings on 24.01.2017 in Dy. CLC Office at Mumbai on Representation of AIBRF

 We reproduce below the relevant paras from the circular issued by AIBRF on the above subject  

As advised earlier, AIBRF had submitted the Representation on the Issue of non-payment of 100 Dearness Relief to the pensioners who Retired prior to November 2002 to CLC in Mumbai some time back and date of first hearing was fixed on 24.01.2017.
2. First proceedings were held in the office of Dy. CLC, Mumbai on the above issue based on the notices dated 29.12.2016 sent to IBA, AIBEA & AIBOC.
3. In these proceedings, parties present were 6 representatives of AIBRF and 2 representatives of AIBOC. However no representative on behalf of IBA & AIBEA appeared on this date. But IBA had sent written submissions on AIBRF representation. However, AIBEA neither sent any representation nor any body appeared in the proceedings of 24.01.2017 on its behalf.

4. As informed earlier, subsequent to submission of our representation on 5.12.2016, we had submitted detailed note on the issue with 15 Annexures to Dy. CLC . In the proceedings of 24th, we made request to the Presiding Officer to take this note on the record which was accepted and taken on the record. Thereafter, the undersigned made oral submissions lasting for about 1 hour raising the following points/ prayers 

6. The meeting concluded after directing the parties to be present on 28.02.2017 at 12.30 PM for further proceedings. Further fresh notices were sent to IBA and AIBEA with the direction to them to be present on the next date failing which action will be initiated against them as per law .


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