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Super Top Up Policy for Retirees & Renewal of Basic Policy for 2017-2018 - AIBRF circular

We reproduce below the circular issued by AIBRF

Ref:2017/97                                                           Date: 19.09.2017

          The office Bearers/ Central Committee Members/ State Body Chiefs

     Dear Comrades,

                         Re: Super Top Up Policy for Retirees &
                               Renewal of Basic Policy for 2017-2018
We request you to refer our circular no. 2017/91 dated 28.08.2017 advising detailed procedure to be followed and terms and conditions thereof  for obtaining AIBRF New India  Super Top Up Policy.  

2. We are pleased to inform you that we have been advised by New India Assurance Company Limited through Pragmatic Insurance Broking Pvt, Limited that on review of the matter, it has decided to increase the amount of sum insured under AIBRF New India Super Top Policy as under for the year 2017-2018.

(a)        For Retired Officer from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs
(b)        For Retired Award Staff from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs.

    Premium amount will remain the same  as advised earlier:

(a)        For Retired Officer Staff ( Sum Insured Rs. 6 lakhs) Rs. 3806 inclusive of GST.
(b)        For Retired Award Staff ( Sum Insured Rs. 5 lakhs) Rs  3511 inclusive of GST.
    Further we have been advised that the insurance company has agreed  to offer discount of Rs. 300 to family pensioners and pensioners who have lost their spouses who take policy on single basis. For above category, insurance premium will be as under

(a)        Retired Officer Staff on single basis ( Sum Insured Rs. 6 lakhs) Rs. 2925 + GST Rs. 527  Total Rs. 3452
(b)        Retied Award staff on single basis ( Sum Assured Rs. 5 lakhs ) Rs. 2675 + GST Rs. 478   Total Rs. 3157.

Last Date for submission has been extended to 10.10.2017. However the condition that policy will become operative when minimum 10000 proposals are received by above date remain unchanged.
O3.    We have also been informed that same proposal forms can be used for availing Super Top policy for enhanced amount as above
 and amount of sum assured can be suitably altered while filing the forms. Proposal forms already sent will remain valid and excess amount  in case of single basis will be refunded after encashment of the cheque.

04.With the above improvements made in AIBRF New India Super Top Up Policy by New India Insurance Company which is the largest insurance company of the country and having record of  highest claim settlement ratio, Super Top policy has become very attractive and favourable for the retirees .

05. You will kindly appreciate that because of initiatives taken by AIBRF to deal the matter, entire scenario of group medical insurance  has undergone for qualitative change for retirees. Now retirees can enjoy very healthy cover of Rs. 10 lakhs/ 8 lakhs for their treatment. We are happy to note that because of steps taken by AIBRF , United India Insurance Company has started responding quickly and positively on group insurance issues.


We find that as per the communication issued by United India Insurance Company addressed to IBA, it has agreed to renew group insurance medical policy for 2017-2018 ( without domiciliary benefit) on the same premium as applicable  last year except some increase due to new tax rates. Details are as under.

(a)        Retired Award Staff (sum insured Rs. 3 lakhs) Rs. 12333 including taxes
(b)        Retired Officer Staff ( sum insured Rs. 4 lakhs ) Rs. 16443

However UIICL has made steep increase in premium amount for renewal of policy with domiciliary benefit up to 10 per cent of sum insured. Details are as under:

(a)        Retired Award staff ( Sum insured Rs. 3 lakhs.) Rs. 27750/- including taxes.
(b)        Retired Officer staff ( Sum insured Rs. 4 lakhs ) Rs. 36998.

The Company has also announced that (a) it will open the policy for retirees without domiciliary benefit  who have not opted for it in the past (b) Retirees who have availed domiciliary facility will be allowed to switch for non-domiciliary policy (c) Those retired during 2016-2017 will have option to join the scheme with or without domiciliary benefits.

The company has announced launching of Super Top Policy for retirees on the same terms and conditions as applicable to the basic policy. Details of premium are as under:

(a)        Retired Award staff: ( Sum Insured Rs. 4 lakhs) Premium Rs. 3511 including taxes.
(b)        Retired officer staff ( Sum Insured Rs. 5 lakhs ) Premium Rs 3806 including taxes.

We now request our affiliates to initiate the following steps in the matter:  

(a)        Approach the bank managements for issue of immediate communications for renewal of insurance policy for 2017-2018.  
(b)        Advise the members  details of renewal as well as super top policy and select the best super top up policy which they find most suitable for them.

We feel that steep increase in renewal premium for renewal of policy with domiciliary benefit is too high and unbearable. To charge about Rs. 20000 extra for benefit of Rs. 40000  makes the whole scheme irrelevant and against the spirit of  insurance scheme. We are taking up the matter with  IBA.

                   With Regards,
                                                                           Yours Sincerely,
                                                                       ( S.C.JAIN)
                                                                GENERAL SECRETARY

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  1. At this rate probably premium for domiciliary treatment related policy would increase every year forcing people to opt out it. Judicious decision has to be taken by retirees having regard to the domiciliary expenses incurred last year/claimed and sanctioned. I feel one can still opt for Domiciliary policy if total expenses to be incurred is likely to be around Rs.40000/. which is less than the premium payable.