Sunday, June 3, 2018

SupremeCourt Judgement on 100 % DA neutralisation - Course of Action by pensioners associations

Pensioners' Associations have issued circulars regarding further course of action on Supreme Court Judgement on 100 % DA neutralisation to Pre- Nov 2002 pensioners. Click on the following links to view circulars.

AIBRF Circular regarding Supreme Court Judgement
APBRF Note on Supreme Court Judgement
AIBRF  Draft Review Petition

CBPRO Circular

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  1. The legal course available to pre Nov 2002 retirees is CURATIVE PETITION to be filed in Supreme Court. Notwithstanding the offer of UFBU to take up the issue with the IBA/GOVT. along with Bipartite Negotiation,there is NO HARM in filing CURATIVE PETITION as well. There is NO BAR on fighting the battle on two fronts, Legal as well as Organisational. My humble opinion is to file CURATIVE PETITION through the best Advocate available and also to find out possibilities of impleading thro'intervention petition by Other Organisations as well along with UBI Retirees Orgn.
    Gunasekharan R