Friday, December 11, 2009

Details of Discussions between UFBU and IBA on 9th and 10th December

Further to the signing of the Minutes with the IBA on 27-11-2009 on our demands for wage revision and pension option, yesterday i.e. 9-12-2009, a round of discussions took place between IBA and UFBU. IBA’s team was led by Mr. Allen Pereira, (CMD, Bank of Maharashtra) and Vice Chairman of their Negotiating Committee. From the UFBU, all the 9 constituent unions participated in the Talks.

During this meeting, the broad approach to expeditiously finalise the full settlement was discussed. It was decided that construction of new pay scales, revision of allowances, drafting of the Settlement, etc. would be taken up in subsequent meetings to be held separately with the 5 Workmen Unions and 4 Officers Associations.

It was further decided that the drafting of the settlement on wage revision and pension option be simultaneously undertaken so that both the settlements can be signed together.

Arising out of the Minutes on pension option, it was mutually clarified and understood that ‘Retirees’ would mean and include employees/officers who have retired on normal superannuation, those who have retired under VRS/Special VRS and families of the PF optees who had died during the period all of whom would be eligible for the pension option. Issues like cut off date, formula for sharing of the additional cost of pension option, etc. were taken up and would be discussed further.

Today (10-12-2009), IBA held separate meetings with the Workmen Unions and Officers Associations during which proposals for construction of pay scales, etc. were discussed. Since the construction of revised pay scales is the most important issue, the matter needs further discussions. It was decided that the discussions would be further continued in the next round of meeting for which dates would be fixed up

Source AIBEA Website


  1. Make 50% without ceiling pension for the staff of state bank of India and gratuity Rs 10lacs for all the employees for all India basis.Compare to Central Govt pay Scale and maximum state govt pay scale banks salary is too less in comparison.Since from the begining our leaders are demanding for good wage revision and for that in all India basis there was a strike for two days and all the bank employees lost their hard earned money for the cause of good wage revision but in reality the there is no gain at all for the banks employee and it is real picture of cheating from the part of our leaders and leaders are showing their true colour what actually they are in real life.

  2. Yes. The demand is genuine. I want to know the latest position about the 50% without ceiling.I understand that the wage revision agreement is signed to day. Hence i want the details.