Monday, December 14, 2009

Eligibility for pension in case of resigned employees

To all bank employees existing as well as retirees,

First of all let us understand that it is not sin to resign from the services of organisations, government state or central, or from PSU Banks.

As corollary to natural justice. even resigned people with substantial service , say 10 years and above shall be given retirement benefits as they have spent much of their youth in the service. It is for policy makers to extend the benefits , if not full, atleast pro rata, the benefits with a human approach.

Also the central government harassed the bank employees after nationalisation of banks, with their periodical changes in the banking policies, in the name of loan melas, agricultural negelected sectors etc., etc. causing mental agony to the bank employees , even transferring them to interiors, where there are no basic amenities. the banks changed from time to time the interest rates on deposits, the interest rates on advances , thanks to so called activism of the central bank, i.e. RBI. The society at large expected a lot from the bank employees and true to their discipline, most of the bank employees rendered yeomen service to the customers at the risk of their lives, even facing naxalites threats, kidnaps etc. Even the working hours were cruelly more than the accepted international norms.

So, it is high time for us existing serving employees, the working unions of employees as well as officers, to bring pressure on the policy makers and IBA , MOF and parliament members to do justice to those resigned from the services of PSU Banks in gettiing retirement benefits at least pro rata. this goes a long way in helping the resigned employees , after all they are our brethren and deserve all the help as social security measure.
So whenever we meet our union leaders, or executives in the head offices, or officials in ministry of finance /banking deptt,, let us bring the difficulties of the resigned in not getting the retirement benefits, as it is not sin to resign on account of valid reasons.
Hope every one of us will fight for the just cause of the resigned employees.

---SSR Murthy

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Sub: Regarding Injustice caused to Ex Bank

    In the recent MOU signed between Indian Banks Association and Bank
    unions, agreement was reported to have been reached for extending
    another option for Pension to those who did not opt for Pension when
    the Bank Employees Pension Regulations, 1995 were implemented.. Those
    who were in the services of the Bank as on 29.09.1995 /26.03.1996, who
    were eligible but did not opt for the Pension scheme and retired
    thereafter shall be extended the option for joining the Pension
    scheme, subject of course, refund of the employers PF contribution
    with interest component.

    While it is a welcome move to bring social security to the Bank
    Employees, both existing and retired, this MOU has created social
    disparity to the section of the Bank Employees who have resigned
    during the period, i.e. from 1995 till date.

    Further I wish to bring to your kind information, the state of affairs
    for resigned officers. As there is no other possible exit route for PF
    optees they have chosen to resign after completing over 25 years of
    service. When any facility is given with retrospective effect,
    employees who were in service as at cut off date should be given a
    chance to opt, but I am afraid decision making authorities are not
    talking about this.

    Already at the time of Resignation, such Officers received PF,
    Gratuity but only half of the their accrued leave encashment, whereas
    an Officer, who has put in similar years of service, who had opted for
    Pension, has the option to quit the service as Voluntary Retirement
    with full benefits and also Pension. It is high time IBA should think
    about the state of affairs of this lot, when they are entering into a
    settlement with retrospective date [before 14 years].

    Resignation after serving for over two decades should not be construed
    as forfeiture of service but should be considered as an alternative
    exit route which only was available. The only sin such employees have
    done is not opting for Pension. Better sense should prevail on the
    part of the decision taking authorities. Bank Employees' Pension
    Regulations, 1995 does not provide for pension in case of
    resignations. It talks about superannuation pension, Invalid pension
    and Pension on voluntary retirement.

    Logically, if any person was on the rolls during 1995/96 and
    subsequently resigned (since there was no option at the time of
    retirement he has to exercise the option of resigning only}, they
    should also be given another option and brought bank into the pension
    net. That should be the reasonable and logical way. They have opted to
    resign (not by choice but by force) since there was no facility of
    exercising option at the time of their resigning.

    May I request you Sir, to intervene in the above, and see to it
    justice is done to all.

    P N Venkataraman