Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rumors regarding wage settlement - AIBOA clarification

Regarding various rumors on wage settlement AIBOA has given following clarification on their website.

"The era of SMS / e mail is again at its overtime work.  As if the havoc is not enough the draft copy of the workmen agreement is being circulated under the name of IBA amongst members in Banks.
This is further confounded by the rumours that at 25th March agreement is being signed on Bipartite.  Anxious queries and spreading of information is taking place everywhere as to settlement is getting signed.
We have to clarify that the only meeting that took place for officers with IBA was one informal meeting with IBA Chairman on 15.02.2010 at Mumbai where after IBA office gave us a revised chart for scales and other items for discussions.
However the most contentious issue of pension balancing for SBI, incremental cost on pension and date of effect of pension etc., were not taken upon with IBA as it was decided that these issues would be decided in the UFBU meeting.
UFBU meeting is yet to be fixed and we are awaiting the same."

Source - AIBOA Website

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