Saturday, March 6, 2010

Will pension issues be settled at the time of wage revision ?

There are long pending issues like 100% neutralization of D.A to pre 01/11/2002 pensioners, updation of pension etc. The process of wage revision for existing employees and granting of second option of pension to pf optees (serving emloyees as well as retirees) is getting delayed due to various reasons. This creates  a doubt whether the pensioners issues will be resolved at the time of wage settlement or not. We are conducting opinion poll on this point. Please vote by clicking on the answer as per your opinion, in the right hand top corner grey box.


  1. As per MOU dt 27.11.2009, only two major issues are to be finalised.

    1. Wage hike @ 17.5%
    2. 2nd Option on Pension to PF optees.
    In fact pension option has no connection with wage revision. However UFBU/IBA linked and mixed up the same with 9th BPS. As such Pension issue pertaining to 3.32 bank men -working and retired - is major issue which was delayed or denied for the past fifteen years has to be finalised immediately and there should not be any doubt about it.

  2. If UFBU now leaves the chance of getting pension option for non optees both serving and retired when IBA is very much interested in offering the Option and the achievement is really highly appreciatble, it can be rest assured that you will never be able to get the same for atleast another 15 years.

  3. thanks to UFBU for opening another option for pension including retirees. IN varios posts in various blogs paticipants are nakedly criticising the union leaders. why? negotiation is not an easy task? please assist with them and help them in some calculations as per MOU.
    thanks ashok.

  4. dear viewers,
    while seeing this blog atleast put some words.
    It will help the others. I feel that unions are duty bound to flash daily developments regarding settlement atleast their own sites.
    If any one can collect the data of blog participants with their E mail ID it will prepare a mighty association to say somethig to IBA/ MOF/ unions etc.
    ashok goel