Thursday, April 1, 2010

IBA – UFBU MEETING - 31.03.2010

IBA – UFBU MEETING -  31.03.2010   AIBOA Version
"Today meeting took place of UFBU followed by IBA in afternoon. In the UFBU meeting it was decided to pursue the issue of Pension with IBA and also to expedite wage revision.  The convenor reported that on the equalization demand for PF and incremental cost, IBA/Govt. are not agreed.  On date of effect of pension it was decided to further pursue.

In the meeting with IBA, IBA reiterated its earlier position and negatived our demand on incremental cost and PF equalization.  Further  they informed that in regard to the likely number of persons not  opting, some cost adjustments can be made.  However after talking to the Govt., the CEO reported that the Govt. is for going by actual numbers only.

In view of the negative attitude of the IBA, UFBU has informed IBA that they are withdrawing all Pension demands.  With that meeting ended.

It was agreed to meet IBA on 3rd April 2010 to discuss the issues of wage revision further."

Source AIBOA website 

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