Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Circulars issued by AIBOC ,AIBOA and AIBEA on 9h Bapartite settlement

Click on the following links for viewing and downloading the circulars issued by AIBOC ,AIBOA and AIBEA on 9th BPS

1. AIBOC circular on 9th Bipartite Settlement
2. Details of the Pension Scheme for workmen
3. Salient features of  9th Bipartite Settlement - AIBEA
4. Full Text of 9th Bipartite Settlement - for workmen
5. Joint note on Wage revision for Officers - AIBOA
6. Joint note on Pension for Officers - AIBOA


  1. None of the 9 union leaders of the UFBU felt the need to put a clause for extending Pension option for the resigned employees, who were having no option left to retire other than resign. It is a historical blunder committed by the union people whom they earlier trusted as very sensible and responsible person. Those leaders once were warmly supported and finally voted to represent them to raise their need but in reality they did nothing for there resigned colleague. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, leads to inefficiency and deficiency to obtain the result. Where is "One for all and all for one" - can anyone answer.

  2. Can i know from which date the pension amount will be payable to retired person who haven't opted for pension scheme and retired on 1.3.1999

  3. What is this refixing of pension for retirees between Nov 2002 to June 2005?????

  4. This option for pension was given as a fresh option needed to be given to all after the restrictive strike clause was deleted in February 1999. As such all those on rolls as on Feb 1999 should have been given fresh option. By denying pension option to those who resigned, IBA has commited an illegal act and will have to be fought in court.

  5. existing bank employees especially new pension optees have to forego arount 70% of arrears of wages.Even pensioners also expressed dissatisfaction of paying 56% extra towards pension cost. Any details of legal course undertaken sofar in this regard

  6. all the readers should request their own banks unions to request IBA for immediate implementation of pension pact. retirees are loosing commutation day by day. as the pension pact have the effect of 1995. alredy 15 years of commutation has already been snatched by IBA.
    with regards.
    pl. approach to all the unions .
    thanks .
    goel ashok