Thursday, September 22, 2011

100 % D.A. neutralization to pensioners - AIBOC letter to IBA

There is long pending demand for 100 % neutralization of DA to pensioners/ family pensioners retired from the services of the bank prior to 1/11/2002. AIBOC addressed a letter to IBA highlighting the need to extend 100% DA neutralization to pensioners and family pensioners in the banking industry who retired before 01.11.2002 on par with RBI scheme w.e.f.,  01.05.2005. Click on the link below to view the circular on this subject.
AIBOC  Circular

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  1. Retirees demand for revision of Basic payRevision and d a merger of ,d a neutralisation are justified due to high cost of living / medical treatment/inflation.How central govt retirees differ from bank retirees?. Are not banks owned by G O I ?Are we not coming under the Ministry of finance ? Afterall pension rules in banks are based on the central govt policies and directives.
    Instead of making a demand every time revision should be done as part of wage revision.
    Mermbers of parliment/MLAs' got their salaries ,allowances increased many folds so quitely without a murmer for seving(?) a period of 5 years or less