Monday, October 17, 2011

Writ Petition by Resigned Bank Employees Association admitted by Delhi High Court

Resigned Bank Employees Welfare association had filed WP in Delhi High Court ( WPC 7413 of 2011) for pension option.
The petition was heard today 17/10/2011 & honorable justice after arguments, admitted the petition & issued notices to 33 respondents.
The next date is 11/01/2012.


  1. Sir
    This case is from IBA or individual seeking pension after resigning.


  2. On 21.10.2011 a case filed by Sri N Pradeep Kumar in 2005,in Supreme Court Advocate in respect of arrears of pension has been dismissed which is in expected lines.So all bank employees should be very cautious while entrusting their cases to Advocates and ensure that their hard earned money is not lost in filing cases at various courts.Before submitting their cases to advocates, they should be very clear about the possibility of getting positive judgment.Each pie lost is each pie not earned.We are not rich enough to do try and error methods

  3. Now that Mr kumar's writ is dismissed on tech grounds Aiboc has addressed a letter on 20/09/11
    itself to i b a This has to be vigoursly followedup not to extend beyond the next pay revision ie due in 2012

  4. How exactly 100% neutralisation and updation of pension worked out? can any one elaborate?/We also heard that Rajasthan H/C has ordered revision of pension to L I C retirees in 4 weeks.Is'nt bank retirees case similar?

  5. Sincere thanks to the Resigned Bank Employees Welfare Association who is taking all the pains to take up this serious grienvane of resigned bank employees. Can I be a member of the Association. My E Mail ID is - Resigned as an Executive after 28 years of bank service but debarred from opting second pension. Unfortunately there was neither a VRS nor second pension option scheme available at the time when I resigned.

  6. It is nice that Resigned and Voluntarily Retired have become proactive in solving their grievances. We request them to take up the issue of "Gratuity Discrimination" also for an early solution.

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