Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AIBOC launches 'All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation (AIBPARC)'

All India Bank Officers' Congress (AIBOC ) has launched an organisation named All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation (AIBPARC), on 17th March 2012,  at Nagpur.
Click on the following link to view AIBOC circular in this regard.
AIBOC  Circular


  1. Bullion traders have suspended their three-week-old agitation till May 11, after the Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, agreed to look into their demands. The traders also met the Congress President, Ms Sonia Gandhi. If you want to quick solutions, know the way.

  2. IBA & Union Leaders, Are You Listening ?
    Let me hope, by now both IBA & Union Leaders must have gone through two interesting write-ups at the 1. Major Irregularities in 2nd Pension Option by Shri S. Ramachandran, Ex-GM, BOB, & 2. IBA, Union Leaders Fully Exposed - Both Are Hand-in-Glove and Working Against Interests of Bankers by Shri Rajesh Goyal posted on 8th & 9th of April 2012 respectively.
    Do they have any plausible explanation ? If Yes, let them clarify at the earliest.

  3. Except trying to increase the visibility, by forming a new Association, AIBOC does not seem to be interested in the plight of the retirees as is evident from the fact that they have not seriously taken up the issue of 2nd pension option to the VRS officers which is in blatent violation of the Joint Note to which they are a party.

  4. We all should pray for a better sense should prevail upon the leaders of AIBOC who ruined the life of pensioners for all these 25 years since the pension started in Banks.They never thought about such seniors citizen by whom AIBOC leaders are breathing this time.It is these elders who put in their major part of their life facing all odds from Government or from Managements of Banks and made banks so strong on all fronts.It is because of the AIBOC that even today a family pensioner from a bank is drawing basic pension of Rs300/-.Should AIBOC feel proud or feel ashamed of all this? So I request all right thinking people/pensioners of banks not get swayed by all the fanfare AIBOC shows by floating a parallel organisation like AIBPARC.In my opinion it won't be a confederation but only a company floated for the self interests of its leaders .

  5. S.K.Ganju (Delhi)May 7, 2012 at 6:48 PM

    By floating a new organisation AIBPARC; rather helping the already existing organisation of pensioners/retirees of Banks;AIBOC has shown its true colours.Till this they have never felt any need for to help or to speak for these people for all these years since pension started.Now all of a sudden they felt the need to open a new shop only to make sure for themselves that they are the real crusadars of pensioner/retirees.They even showed cold shoulder to VRS optees who aproached these crusdars for help.It is because of these crusadars that a family pensioner of more than receiving basic pension of Rs 300/-only and when the family pensioner is getting min.basic pension of Rs3500/-.And this all is due to the leadership AIBOC and treated pensioners only as their class citizens when they are senior citizens of this country and have played their great role in the development of these banks and in the nourishment of these AIBOC leaders who betrayed their elders/seniors till this day.Now; they felt the need only to keep their shops open and to create confusion among old and aged pensioners who otherwise were kept wanting.I appeal to all right thinking pensioners/retirees not to get swayed by their shows and drum beating.

  6. But the fact remains that the existing Pensioners and Retirees unions are not systematically organised in a structured manner to cover all the banks and all the states in the country. The efforts of AIBOC, though late, is a welcome development. What is the use of lamenting on the past and spilled milk if any. It is now time to have a comprehensive, compact and commanding organisation to deal with the pending tasks by using the expertise and experience of the past AIBOC leaders. Let us not discourage them. Any way they are now placing themselves in an accountable position and taking upon the responsibility. Instead, let us hope at least now things will move in the right direction and justice will be done to stake holders by solving the burning issues expeditiously.

  7. S.K.Ganju (Delhi)May 12, 2012 at 5:13 PM

    Some of our brothers feel that AIBOC can do miracles by floating this new organization of pensioners and retirees of banks under the garb of AIBPARC.It will be the greatest blunder to think like that.What was the need now when of forming a parallel group by our so called leaders who now feel sympathy for those,whom they forgot for all these years.This way they will be deceiving the cause of pensioners; as they did for all these 25 years; and would rather help the management/Government/IBA.This opening/starting a new organization will make them to grind their own axe rather thinking about the burning issues of retires of banks.And it is because of all the unfavourable attitude shown so for by these leaders made us to feel ashamed off.The reason is that a state/central government employee draws minimum pension of RS3500/-+DA.While a pensioner of our bank is drawing party sum of RS300/- and that too a retiree of 1982.What is this?And what this all is due to.If we cannot open our eyes to-day, then I fear,tomorrow can be very late.So; I personally appeal to the leadership of AIBOC as well as now of AIBPARC and would like to request all right thinking people among retirees to appeal these leaders to shun their differences if any;for this bigger cause of these retirees who have done anything and everything for the development these banks and for the strength and unity of Bank Unions/Associations and strengthen the hands of already existing organisation; namely AIBRF which has been working for all these years though silently but steadily.WE ALL PENSIONERS SHOULD NOT GET SWAYED AWAY BY THE FANFARE & BANDA BOOST OF ANY LEADER OR ORGANIZATION BUT SHOULD PRAY FOR A BETTER SENSE OF ALL SUCH SHOW MAKERS.

  8. At last an organization worth its name have been formed for the benefit of tens of thousands of retired bank officers and employees. So long numerous retirees' organizations have been formed and functioning. These are splinter groups and are catering to individual ego of petty leaders. There is one or two so called umbrella organisations with incapable leaders at the helm.
    AIBOC has a great history of carrying forward Bank officers' movement. Leaders like SR Sengupta, KD Khera etc have dedicated their life to further the cause of Bank officers.
    They have a long and brilliant career and vast repository of experience which would be of great help to achieving our legitimate demands.
    MK Majumdar, Kolkata

  9. Its time to support AIBPRC promoted by AIBOC letting aside all our differences of opinion which we have been discussing here in this blog for so long. Com. Sen Gupta, Khera, Roy chowdhary etc are time tested leaders and carry a lot of weight in AIBOC and UFBU. We have gone around when there was no AIBPRC. Now no need. Without losing any further time and energy we have to rally round this organisation in our best interest. Those who have been critical of Unions and leaders now have forgotten that pension did not exist earlier and the pension related issues have cropped up only after getting pension. What would have happened had there been no pension at all for the nationalised bank employees. Who got the pension? Has the IBA and Govt given pension out of magnanimity? No. It was fought for and achieved by the same leaders whom we are trying to criticise day in and day out. Time for Introspection. AIBPC is the right organisation at the right time. Leave aside covert (IBA & Managements’) elements. March on AIBPRC. We are with you.

  10. AIBPRC was formed in March 2012. Since formation more than four months have elapsed. But we have not been apprised of any further progress regarding Bank-wise formation of committees, enrollment of members, program of action etc. Formation of this organization has created great hope and pensioners are aspiring that their legitimate demands would be fulfilled by the able leaders who are at the helm of AIBPRC. Please hurry up, we are getting impatient.

  11. As per decision at Kolkatta meeting of Adhoc committee in May constitution of bankwise committees was to to be completed by June and Charter of demands of pensioners was to be finalised by July/Aug. As we hear,formation of bankwise committees have been completed in BOI, UBI, Syndicate Bank etc. The response is reportedly overwhelming.Full picture will be known when the Adhoc committee of Confederation meets at Bangalore during Aug as proposed.It will be better if the AIBPRC leaders at Kolkatta respond. Matters are to be speeded up.

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  13. A lot of confusion is there among pensioners regarding the DA
    neutralization and merger of 100 percent as if they are synonyms
    Clarification in this matter is requested by any senior most and
    well versed.

  14. It is understood that bank-wise organisations have been formed in BOI, UBI, Syndicate Bank etc. This etc is misleading, it should be specific. What is the outcome of August meeting of the adhoc committee? Large number of retirees are impatiently waiting to join the organisation. But there is little communication and reports are not updated in this blog. Though I belong to Kolkata, the city where Com. SR Sengupta, first convenor belongs, I am absolutely in dark about the developments, membership enrollments etc. In this age of fast communication, this is not desirable.