Tuesday, April 10, 2012

UFBU letter to IBA regarding denial of second of pension to resignees, VRS optees under Banks' Office regulation

Second option of pension was denied to certain categories of  retirees like resignees, Compulsory retired employees, VRS optees under banks' regulation etc. Now UFBU has taken up this matter with IBA requesting IBA to resolve this matter on  priority basis. UFBU also felt   that,   IBA   should   have consulted Unions/Associations, before deciding to   deny  the offer to retirees of certain categories as, these directions do not conform to the understandings reached on 27.04.2010.  

   UFBU  requested IBA to review  their decision and implement  the understandings in right perspective.
 Click here to view UFBU letter to IBA

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  1. Well, was there any impact of the following :

    1.Some time in March 2011, AIBOC invoked the provisions under clause No.14 of
    the Joint Note since IBA did not respond positively to their earlier letters.

    2.On 25.7.2011, AIBOC served an ultimatum to IBA to resolve the issue on or
    before 10.08.2011, failing which they would be constrained to knock the doors
    of the Court.

    3.On 23 January 2012 AIBOC addressed a letter to IBA to resolve the residual
    issues which included vide Sl.No.2, 2nd Pension option to VRS optees /
    resignees & vide Sl.No.3, proper implementation of 2nd Option on Pension
    understandings within a time frame, but well before commencement of
    negotiations for the 10th Bipartite settlement failing which, they would be forced
    to go on a day’s strike during 3rd or 4th week of March, 2012.(March is already
    over !)