Sunday, November 4, 2012

Five workmen unions AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF and NOBW submit charter of demands to IBA

Five workmen unions AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF and NOBW have submitted charter  of demands to IBA , which included following demands on SUPERANNUATION BENEFITS

Pension related issues:
· NPS to be withdrawn and all new employees from 1-4-2010 covered by NPS to be covered by old scheme under Pension Regulation 1995.
· Permanent Part-time employees on Consolidated Wages prior to 1.5.2010 and made 1/3rd wage from 1-5-2010 should be covered by Pension Regulations.
· Refund of contribution to pension fund to the employees who joined between 1.11.1993 but before Pension Regulation came in force in 1995/1996.
· Periodical Pension updation along with wage revision of service employees
· Basic pension of all existing pensioners to be updated at the same index level like Basic Pay of service employees viz July-Sept.2012 average.
· DA on pension to be on monthly basis .
· Same DA at 100% compensation for all pensioners and removal of slab system.
· Extending 2nd option facility to employees who resigned between 1995 and 27.4.2010.
· Qualifying service for full pension should be 20 years like in Govt/RBI;
· Average of 10 months or last drawn ‘Pay’, ‘whichever is higher’ should be considered for calculation of basic pension.
· Service rendered in Defence, if not counted for Defence pension should be added in bank service for payment of pension
· Actual service of Part time employees should be counted for pension and not on pro rata basis.

Family Pension –
· To be improved at par with RBI/ Government pension scheme
· Full pension as family pension for seven years or upto the age of 67 years instead of 65 years,
· Payment of Family Pension to unmarried/widowed daughters for life and if spouse and daughters are not available then to parents.
· Incorporation of provision in Pension Regulation in synergy with Clause 6 (b) 6 (c) and 6 (d) of settlement dated 10.4.2002.

· Extension of Para-368(17) of Sastry Award to Pension Optees.

Source : AIBEA Website

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  1. Defence personnel discharged on own request and joined in Banks forego every benefit if their
    service in defence is less than 15 years as per
    existing rules.They get neither defence pension
    nor weightage in bank pension for the service
    rendered in armed forces.The demand for counting
    the valuable service rendered in Army for bank
    pension calculation will be a beacon of light to
    the future of pensioners who served the nation
    at their young age which is nothing but a sacrifice that is forgotten by many.I congratulate everybody those highlighted the point and framed in charter of demands for 10th
    BPS.For God grace,if the demand get approved,most of the exservice men group be bene
    fitted .Benefit should be effected to past retirees also as their number would be meagre.