Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UFBRO expresses disappointment to UFBU for not consulting retirees' organisation on Charter of Demands submitted to IBA

United Forum of Bank Retirees' Organisation (UFBRO)  represents more than one lakh retirees from 45 banks. Recently UFBU has submitted Charter of Demands  to IBA, in which demands/issues  of retirees were also incorporated.  
But the retirees' organisations were not consulted and taken into confidence before submission of Charter of Demand by UFBU to IBA . UFBRO has written a letter to UFBU expressing disappointment for not taking into confidence retirees' organisations. Click on the link below to view the letter.

Source : AIBRF website


  1. Retired bank employees between 2009-2010 were let down by UFBU on enhanced Gratuity issue. How UFBRO forgot this.

  2. UFBRO has expressd its disappointment with UFBU for the fact that UFBU has not taken into confidence/consulted.
    Where was the need for UFBRO to meet UFBU as they are more than 1lakh members?
    Anyway what next?