Monday, December 24, 2012

Madras High Court Judgement on 100% percent neutralisation of D.A.

AIBRF has issued a detailed circular on Madras High Court Judgement on 100% neutrlisation of D.A. elaborating following points.

1. Importance of the judgement

2. Observations/principles laid down by the bench while delivering the judgement in the case .
3. Action plan for early implementation of court order.

Click on the following links for viewing the circular and Madras HC judgement.
AIBRF Circular

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  1. AT the outset i wish to congratulate all the petitioners the retired senior citizens who have relent lessly fought for their just cause and got such a favorable order which gives them their just dues .at the same time i wish to suggest the respondents the management of all the banks in this country not to file an appeal in the matter so that the retired bank citizens get their dues at an early date .i say so on the basis of the ratio that there is no scope of any appeal in the matter because their cannot be division between the same class of persons (All retirees) on the basis of a cut off date for extending the benefits of a particular policy therefore all the benefits which are given to retirees post 2002 should also be available to retirees pre 2002 in this regard the kind attention is drawn to Honorable supreme court order passed on 31 march 2011 in the case of Maj K.J.S buttar..with best wishes to all concern on this historical win..K C MEHROTRA retired from central bank in Nov 1997