Saturday, January 5, 2013

AiBRF letter to IBA regarding implementation of Madras High Court Judgement on 100% neutralisation of D.A.

AIBRF  has written a letter to IBA regarding implementation of recent Madras High Court judgement on 100% neutralisation of  D.A.  The letter   has highlighted  the Litigation policy of Government of India which stipulates that if decisions are based on certin laid down principles of law laid down by the Supreme Court, appeal against the judgement should be avoided. In this case the affected people are senior citizens of the country. AIBRF expects that IBA would take pragmatic view and avoid hardship to senior citizens.

Click here to view the AIBRF letter


  1. Is this judgement applicable to all category of employees or only to those who had petitioned? I am told that Supreme Court judgement becomes applicable to all those affected across the country and not necessarily those who petitioned. IF that is true, then this judgement should be applicable to bank employees also. If IBA does not implement this judgement then can a contempt petition be filed?

  2. To my knowledge all are same in the eyes of law,unless the judgement restricts its verdict to the petitioners alone,inwhich case others may go to the courts for the same for redressal.