Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meeting of resignees at Bangalore on 09/02/13

 A communique received form Shri N.T. Hegde, President Syndicate Bank Retirees Association is reproduced below
Dear All,
           It has been decided to hold a meeting of Resignees of all banks,(who have been deprived of pension) on 09/02/2013 at SBM,Bangalore Main Br. bldg.Union Office,at 15.00 hrs. Shri.Pathak,who has mobilised the resignees of various banks,for filing a WP in Delhi HC,will also be participating,along with other leaders of the retirees from various banks.Kindly pass on this information to the retirees (known to you) to participate in this meeting,without fail.The purpose of the Meeting is to chalk out an ACTION PROGRAMME,collectively,to safeguard their interest.The interested resignees may be advised to contact the undersigned.
N T Hegde.


  1. Apart from resigned employees there are other officers who are deprived of pension for one or other reason.01. Pension application rejected a) for not submitting in time b)Amount refundable with 56 % of management contribution not refunded in time c)postal delay in delivering pension option letter at Bank branch/Head offices d) Pension option though sent in time, delivered at different address etc etc are some of the instances.
    Is it possible to allow these people also to participate in the meeting to be held on 09/02/2013? Such persons may get some ideas for proceeding further.

  2. I am ready to join for the appeal to be filed in HIGH COURT DELHI as I am also not allowed pension as I am one of the employees having resigend form job. Joined Bnak in 1978 and resigned in 1997 from ZONAL OFFICE DELHI.