Monday, September 23, 2013

AIBPARC Dharana at New Delhi -20th Sept 2013 - Press release by AIBPARC

Dharana program declared by AIBPARC at Jantar Mantar received remarkable  response from the retirees as good number of retirees were present for demonstrations.  
Honourable MPs - Shri Tapan Sen, Shri Prakash Javdekar and Shri Sitaram Yechuri  appeared at the place and addressed the retirees gathered there . They agreed that all the 5 demands of Dharna were genuine and just. They assured support  and said they will take up the issue with Govt. and also in Parliament, according to a source. AIBOC General Secretary Com. Harvinder Singh was also present  through  out the day..  He assured to continue to pursue the matter with DFS and IBA. 
 Following is the press note released by AIBPARC on the eve of DHARANA  in New Delhi.

1. Introduction
We are a representative organisation of Pensioners and Retirees of the Banking Sector. Encouraged by All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC), we are an independent organisation of all the Retirees irrespective of their hierarchy in the Banking system. We have our affiliates in Nationalised Banks, RRBs, Private Sector, Cooperative Banks and the Associate Banks of State Bank of India. As for the Retirees of SBI, they coordinate their activities with us in best possible manner and they are participants to the Dharna of 20th September, 2013.

2. Why the Elder Citizens of the Banking Sector are on streets today ?
The representatives gathering in the Dharna of 20th September, 2013 are senior citizens with an age group varying between 60 years to 80 years. In other words, most of them joined the Banks before or immediately after nationalisation of Banks. The fruits of nationalization were carried to every nook and corner of the country by these elder citizens. It is they who manned the Bank-branches in villages, jungles, cities, islands, cosmopolitan centres and where not? In the midst of tremendous job hazards, in the face of risks and threats, it is these people who took effective part in amelioration of poverty in the country. Today Bank is an organisation which translates into practice all economic schemes formulated by the national government. The elders of the Banking Industry in their post-retired life need atleast a civilized reciprocation from the society and the government.

3. What are the principal issues with which the Pensioners are confronted with ?
There are lot many issues on which detailed dialogue with government of India and Indian Banks Association are necessary but for the sake of brevity, we are mentioning a few :

A) Non-Revision of Pension :
When the pay structure of existing employees of the government is revised through acceptance of recommendations of each Pay Commission, the pension of the Retired Employees is automatically upwardly revised. This is done to avoid distortions of pension in between similarly placed persons. Surprisingly enough, this is not done in Banks. When pay revisions take place at an interval of 5 years for working employees, the pension of retirees is not upwardly hiked. As a result, endless distortions and discriminations take place which are unlawful. To offer an example, a general manager who retired 10 to 15 years back, is drawing much lesser pension than any of his junior-most subordinate who retired in subsequent years. In different bilaterally agreed minutes, there are repeated mentions that such updations will take place and in Banks Pension Regulations, there is a provision for it. In spite of all such well documented back-ups the demand is remains unheeded.

B) Non-Revision of Family Pension.
After the death of the pensioner, his living spouse gets a most insignificant sum of 15% of Basic Pay as Family Pension. In Banks Pension Regulations, there are repeated mentions that the Regulation is based on RBI model. In Reserve Bank of India, by amendment of existing Rules in consultation with government of India, the family pension has been upwardly revised to 30% of  Basic Pay. The same system is prevalent in case of government employees. In spite of repeated demands to RBI and GOI, no effective step has been taken to upwardly revise the quantum of family pension in Banks.

C) Discrimination in respect of payment of DA.
Although the Pensioners in the Banking Industry are a homogenous lot, certain artificial barriers have been created in between them for payment of DA. The Retirees prior to 01.11.2002 get lesser quantum of compensation because 100% DA neutralization is not offered to them whereas the Retirees after 01.11.2002 get a better compensation because they are allowed to have 100% DA  neutralisation. This unjustified artificial barrier is causing unnecessary financial hardships to a substantial chunk of Retirees.

D) Computation of Pension at 50% of Basic Pay in State Bank of India and its Associates.
It is a well accepted norm in all organisations (Central Government, State Government, Nationalised Banks etc.) that 50% of last 10 months basic pay is treated as the amount of pension on which DA is calculated. In State Bank of India and its associates, the same policy is not being followed. We want immediate introduction of it.

E) Improved Medical/Hospitalisation schemes for the Retirees.
Till today, different Banks are following different norms. Inadequacy of amount, un-uniformity of benefits and lack of equity are characterizing this sub-head. We demand uniform and improvisedmedical allowance/hospitalization schemes.

 F) Several other issues of equal importance. The Retirees of the Banking Industry are also seriously concerned with several other issues of no less importance. Denial of equity to private sector retirees, denial of option to Pension to the Resignees who served the Banks for eligible number of years to get pension, denial of option to pension to persons who got compulsorily retired, improvement of the quantum of financial exgratia paid to pre-01.11.1986. Retirees so on and so forth.

4. The Most important question – where shall we discuss our grievances ?
Although our working brethren who are commonly known as UFBU have been gracious enough to submit the demands of the Retirees along with their demands before IBA and Ministry of Finance, Government of India, the Pensioners of the Banking Industry who sacrificed their “yesterdays” to secure a better “tomorrow” for the nation, need a platform of hearing their voice. This most legitimate demand of “Being heard” is not at all sympathetically attended to. We have made several representations to IBA and officials of the Ministry of Finance and also Hon’ble Union Finance Minister to create a forum (be it IBA or the government) which will hear the rightful voice of the Retirees in an official manner. The indifference displayed so far is shockingly unjustified. When the employees of the government get the proper opportunity and forum to represent their demands and sentiments, why the same will not be applicable to Banks? We have approached the leaders of all the central trade unions and important political leaders belonging to different political parties. We are grateful for their gesture and each one of them has written to Hon’ble Union Finance Minister requesting for a relook into our demands. The response of the government till today is cool and unresponsive.

5. Purpose of the Dharna
This is a peaceful gathering of the Retirees of the Banking Sector. The elder citizens have come from different parts of the country to participate in the Dharna. Through this peaceful display of human assembly, we like to draw the attention of the society, the government and all concerned though sympathetic coverage expectedly given by the print and electronic media.




  1. Well done com. Shanti da. It was you, who gave shape to officers bipartite wage talks along with com. Godbolein eighties. Now too, you are the one to instill seriousness to issues/demands of the retirees. Please use all your goodwill and clout in the Govt. circles to speed up settlement. We demand you should be in the negotiating team on behalf of retirees. Good luck. Wishing you long life.

  2. The Govt has appointed Seventh Pay Commission. But there are many public enterprises which are yet to get the benefits of the Sixth Pay Commission. Even the terminal benefits of enhanced gratuity payment with effect from Jan 2007 has been denied to a few CPSU Companies, including banks. Due to ultra low interest rates prior to 2007 the retirees between 2006-2010 were unable to reach their savings goals. AIBPARC has completely /neglected forgotten, this aspect.