Monday, September 16, 2013

Daylong Dharana on 20th September by AIBPARC at JANTAR MANTAR - New Delhi

All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation (AIBPARC) which is recently formed under the banner of AIBOC has claimed that within a short span of one year after foundation/registration, the membership has crossed number of 40000.  It has been decided by AIBPARC to hold a day long DHARANA, at Jantar Mantar , New Delhi , on 20th September 2013, to focus the following  demads/ issues of retirees before the press, public, government and society.
     i. Upward Revision of Pension
    ii.  100% neutralization of D.A. to pre 1-11-2002 retirees.
      iii.  Upward revision of family pension in lines with what 
         has  been done in RBI.
       iv.  Improved Medical facility /  Reimbursement of medical 
        v.  Second option of pension to resigees etc.

     Click here to view AIBOC circular on this subject


  1. Good News. Now the real movement is building up. Com. S R Sengupta, General Secretary of AIBPARC, commands a lot of respect among MPs. With active support of AIBOC to retirees and com. sengupta still active, we can surely expect tangible achievements for the bank retirees soon.

  2. As expected the dharna was massive. Message will surely go to IBA and Govt that com SR sengupta means business. Good thing was parliamentarians came. Mr. sen, praksh jayadekar, yecchuri spoke in support. They appeared genuinely concerned. over all a good show and definitely served the purpose.Keep it up AIBPARC. All the best.