Saturday, May 23, 2015

10th Bipartite Settlement - Delegation of AIBRF to IBA

We reproduce below the circular issued by AIBRF.


Shri T.M.Bhasin
Indian Bank Association (IBA )

Dear Sir
Re: Delegation of AIBRF 

 We have come to know that IBA is going to sign wage     settlement with bank unions on 25th May 2015 at Mumbai.

2.Further we have come to know that IBA is not sanctioning and including any of the demands of past  retirees in the settlement to be signed on 25th with unions. It is also surprising to learn that total pension of those retired after 1-11-2012 will get reduced in absolute term after signing the settlement affecting them adversely. Further this settlement has been finalised without taking our organisation in to confidence.

3. In view of this position, settlement to be signed is not acceptable to us and we have decided to observe 25th May ,2015 as PROTEST DAY. We shall hold demonstration at Azad Maiden, Mumbai on this day between 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM where we expect large number of retirees to participate in it.
4. We wish to submit Memorandum highlighting our issues in delegation for your consideration and appropriate action. We shall be thankful to you if you will give time to our delegation to meet you and handover the memorandum.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

( S.C.JAIN )



  1. It is sad state of affair.We the bank retirees are not listened by the IBA ,the FM as if we do not exist as a class. Even the judiciary does not seem favourable to us taking the plea that we are covered under the bi-partite settlements.If possible we should fight for our representation as a party to each wage settlement negotiations.

  2. The high handedness of IBA will not be tolrated