Monday, May 18, 2015

10th Bipartite settlement - Retirees Issues

From various sources it is clear that retirees issues like pension updation, 100% D.A. neutralisation, improvement in family pension etc. will not be taken care in the 10th Bipartite settlement which will be signed by UFBU and IBA on 22nd May 2015. UFBU leaders who assured publicly that they will not sign Bipartite settlement without retirees issues , now have changed their stand and are willing to sign the settlement without retirees' issues. There is a feeling of betrayal among retirees who were relying on promises of UBFU. The process of bipartite negotiations  continued for last 30 months and at the fag end of negotiation process UFBU agreed  with IBA to  sign the settlement without resolving retirees issues.

  In this regard AIBRF (All India Bank Retirees Federation) has issued circular on further course of action.


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