Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Latest position of unity talks. - Government finally agrees to allow one pension for one rank in case of Defence Employees

The meeting of all the 5 Retiree-organisations took place at Delhi on 28th  July, 2015. It was decided that the next meeting of the coordinated forum (CBPRO) would take place within August, 2015. . Now it has been decided that the All Union meeting of Retirees will take place at New Delhi on 22nd September, 2015. 
One Rank One Pension: After a long lapse of time Government of India conceded the demands of the defense employees and agreed to pay one pension to one rank. Although there are some minor aberrations which are yet to be settled, the principal issues have been sorted out. It is the outcome of a long drawn struggle. The defense employees and their organisations deserve congratulations for this spectacular victory.  Government has done justice to the people who staked their lives for the defense of the country. It is the victory of a principled demand . Let us hope that it's benefits would be very reasonably extended to retirees of other sectors. 
 Source: AIBPARC circular


  1. The Confederaton effort is welcome step and the deliberations should necessarily highlight and focus on the issue of non-payment of pension to the resignees so far. The VRS and other retirees are atleast drawing pensions for
    many years now and with the Xth Bipartite Settlement entered between the
    IBA and UFBU, they are seeking upgradation of pension benefits, periodical DA revisions, hospitalisation and other benefits. Let all these be achieved. But think for a moment that the resignees have still not got a SINGLE PAISA as pension. Don't you think that this should now be taken up on a priority basis so that the organisation gets widened and deepened for future victories.

  2. Hope the proposed Confederation take a holistic view of all the matters, including achieving pension benefits to the resignees in particular, rather than fighting more and more to the existing pensioners. Thank you.

  3. Bankers always are famous for writing calculating and back biting. This is best known to unions and that is why bankers are treated as followers and are considered as helpless and famous for inaction. Had the bankers and retirees have courahe to fight for their rights then so called union leaders cannot dare to treat them helpless? But the fact is bankers cannot become like armypersonals that is why they are befooled

  4. As I have been writing in the columns of Bank Pensioner for some time, I suggest that initiation of legal proceedings in the supreme court of India for updation of pension and family pension should be the only agenda item for adoption at the forthcoming meeting of the confederation.
    I have not suggested DA neutralization above because I believe once the principle of updation is accepted, it will resolve the DA issue automatically.

    I repose faith in the leadership of the constituents of the confederation and request them to keep the fact, as they deliberate, in mind that TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE.

    This is the most important factor weighing in our minds when I suggest legal action in the supreme court.

    Needless to add that building up a separate fund for the purpose will be discussed and finalized.

    The retirees are in a desperate and despondent mode.

  5. please let us know the progress on 100% D.A. neutrilisation matter.