Saturday, September 5, 2015

Letter to Hon Finance Minister regardng status of IBA and letter to the insurer regarding Group Health Policy of Bank retirees

Shri S. Ramchandran ( age 77 years) , a retired General Manager of PSU bank, has written a letter to Hon Finance Minister expressing deep concern on the status of Indian Banks’ Association. The subject of the letter is as follows.
 "Unheard of an Authority without Accountability and Responsibility in a country wedded to Rule of Law – Indian Banks’ Association."

He has also written a letter to Chairman & Managing Director of United India Insurance Company regarding Group Health Insurance policy for bank employees. The letter seeks clarifications regarding the terms of policy and invites attention to IRDA guidelines.

Source: bankpensioner google group

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  1. Shri Ramchandran sir is taking much pain in rasing various points. Could we not go to court /Mof/FM/stage dharna if retirees join and collect funds for the purpuse? I think you can lead retirees well with knowledge