Saturday, April 2, 2016

AIBOC take up with IBA on unilateral withdrawal of domiciliary cover to retirees by Insurance Co

Along with employees issues, the indifferent attitude of insurance company in not sanctioning domiciliary treatment expenses of retired officers/employees and also the unilateral letters to the banks to advise retired officers/ employees was also brought to the notice of IBA by serving employees unions in banks.

The following is the relevant excerpt from Text of AIBOC's latest letter No.2016/27 dated 18.03.2016 addressed to IBA on taking immediate steps to implement the terms as per Jt Note dt 25.5.15 in connection with Medi Claim Policy to Employees /retirees. :

The Chairman,
Indian Banks’ Association,

Respected Sir,
Hospitalisation Scheme as envisaged under Joint Note dated 25.05.2015

*** *** **
"It is also pertinent to remind you once again, the issue of unilateral withdrawal of benefit of domiciliary treatment agreed for Retired Employees, raised by us during the conciliation meetings before Dy. C.L.C. (C) Mumbai, held on 8th December, 2015. We were assured by you in the proceedings that the issue is seized with you and you have very strongly taken up with the Insurance Company. We have not been advised any development so far in this regard. On the other hand Insurance Company exceeding its jurisdiction, has sent a communication to the Banks that they will not reimburse expenses on domiciliary treatment to retirees and those who are not willing to accept the unilateral changes made by Insurance company can take back their premium. It is really sorry to note that there has been no reaction from IBA to this highly provocative act of the Insurance Company. We seek your immediate attention to the very important and emotional issue and request you to seek performance of the contractual obligations from the Insurance Brokers, Insurance Company and respective TPAs. Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours faithfully,

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