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Bipartite talks on 25.02.2010 - AIBOC version

 Genreal Secretary  G.D. Nadaf   of  AIBOC  has issued following circular regarding Bipartite talks

One more round of discussions with IBA was held on  25/02/2010 at Mumbai to decide on distribution of wage load of 17.5% and other related factors. Four Officers’ Organizations went in a delegation to Shri K. Ramakrishnan CEO of IBA and submitted a common proposal on distribution of  wage cost on various components of salary and allowances to the IBA, and requested for an early settlement. We also requested the IBA to draw the final settlement on pension and residual issues simultaneously, within the time frame fixed. He too expressed his concern on undue delay in arriving at final settlement and assured to expedite the matter.   

2. Therefore the discussions with the core committee of the IBA commenced in a cordial atmosphere. The IBA core committee was represented by Shri. Jagadish Pai, B.B. Das, Rajeev Rishi, Unnikrishnan and Venugopalan.  After opening remarks from the Chairman of the Core Committee, we presented our response on the IBA’s proposal of 23/01/2010 and briefed on the basis of our proposal in distribution of the cost.

3.    In our proposal, we have taken care to distribute the wage load in an equitable manner to all scales from JMGs-I to Scale VII. The HRA percentage retained as comparable to workman staff.  Additional cost on pension, House Rent Allowance etc., are calculated on a scientific basis.  The date of effect of pension to CPF optees is assumed as from retrospective date.  As more number of officers are stagnated at lower level of scales, a provision for additional two stagnation increments for officers in Scale-I to Scale IV was also suggested by us.  We ensured to avoid anomalous situation in pay scales, and incremental pattern as compared to the workmen scales etc.

4.    Unfortunately, on none of our proposals, there was a positive response form the IBA and they stuck to their method of calculation of additional cost on HRA, pension and distribution of wage load of 17.5% on various scales.  It appeared that,  we have reached a dead end.  The discussions concluded without any fruitful result.

5.    Thereafter, we shared the information with our small committee and other leaders and decided to seek appointment with the Chairman of IBA to present our views.  We also felt that, as avoidable delay is causing much frustration among the rank and file, we should keep them advised of factual position and be in readiness to take the issue to its logical end without loss of further time.  Accordingly, we communicated to our members the outcome of the discussions through SMS.    We have also communicated to the Chairman of the IBA our concern on the stalemate, and requested for his intervention and an appointment with him to explain our stand, at the earliest.  We propose to meet him in the next week.

6.    Comrades, it appears that, IBA feels that it is their prerogative to decide on the pay scales and method of calculation of additional cost required for various components of salary and allowances out of 17.5% wage hike.  We can not accept their proposals as it has to be done through bilateral discussions to avoid heartburn and anomalous situation within officers’ cadre and also in comparison with workmen staff.  We have to take care of the aspirations of large number of our membership who have stagnated in their respective scales and their career progression.  We are confident of convincing IBA on the line of the distribution of wage cost, but things can not be taken for granted.  The time at our disposal is very short.  Hence, we request our membership, to be in readiness for organizational action, if the situation demands.  We shall advise further developments, after meeting the Chairman IBA. We also request our membership to bear with the situation as it is our intention to ensure justice to all category of officers in distribution of wage cost equitably, among all components of salary and allowances.
With greetings.

GENERAL SECRETARY                         

Source -  AIBOC Website

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  1. All is well said and done. Sir you will be retiring soon. What is the prospect of our revision of SBI pension and what is the detailed worked out by our esteemed senior members, Do we stand to benefit in pension. So also what is the development with regard to Gratuity. Sir we all feel tired of this dilly dally and feel like going out quetly from the Bank Are we getting any exit policy soon.