Monday, April 1, 2013

100 % Neutralisation of D.A. to pre Nov 2002 retirees

State Bank of India Management has recommended and sought clearance from IBA/ Government of India for payment of Dearness Allowance at 100 Percent Neutralisation to those pensioners who retired before November 2002, before commencement of negotiation on next wage settlement.

In this regard , AIBRF has written a letter to UFBU requesting them to insist and take definite position with IBA/Government 
for solution of the matter of 100 Percent DA before commencement of talk on the next settlement.

Click here to view letter by AIBRF 

Source : AIBRF Website 

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  1. I learn that Mr.Chidambaram has informed a delegation that 6000 furores is approved for retirees benefits. Is it. True? If
    Hen for what is it for? Pellet me know.