Monday, February 22, 2010

Wage Revision Talks - AIBOA Version

1) IBA invites Unions for Talks :

IBA has now fixed next round of negotiations with Officers' Associations on 25 2 2010 at 10.30. AM and with workmen Unions in the afternoon on the same day at Mumbai.

2) Officers' Unions meet on 18 2 2010: On 18th instant at the meeting of All the FOUR OFFICERS ASSOCIATIONS at Mumbai, the issue of a common proposal on main
frame issue of DPDA, HRA,
CCA, cost of Superannuation, medical aid and other items were takenup for discussion.

After elaborate discussions the following proposals emerged:

a) A pay scale of Rs.15000 to 47400

b) A slight increase in HRA percentage;

c) to retain CCA without abolition at the present level without any increase;

d) On Superannuation with parity of existing and increased columns to be insisted. Provision for SBI balancing to be decided as per UFBU decision;

e) Medical aid to be increased property without scope for rejection by IBA by overloading;

It was agreed to workout the cost sheet on the basis of the above lines at Mumbai and to exchange details whereafter, the FOUR UNIONS will sign and submit a consensus proposal to IBA.

Further details will be informed in course of the next round of talks.

Source - AIBOA website

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