Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meeting of UFBU with IBA on 8th and 9thFeb. 2010

As per available information, proposed meeting of Officers'
Organisations with the IBA on 8th & 9th February, 2010 is postponed.
Next date of meeting is yet to be decided.

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    Latest developments on 9th Wage Revision /Pension talks is not giving a good signal in the history of Bipartite talks.One has to think in terms
    Where it leads?
    and it is to be suspected that Leaders are having some hidden agenda against employees which are to be concealed from common members?.
    Leaders of the unions are supposed to work for the benefit of its members with its due seriousness and transparency. Unfortunately the current events showcase the erosion in values in the conduct of negotiations by UFBU with IBA.
    Submitting a charter of demand is only the beginning of the process of wage negotiations.Arriving to an understanding through bilateral talks between parties is normally paving way for smooth transition to a final settlement. While going through the history of 9th Bipartite talks it is exposed that Unions have not succeeded so far settling any of its demands during the past two years ,except in celebrating the MOU s signed.
    Earlier MOU dt 25.2.08 has been buried after the expiry of time limit without any follow up and explanation for reason for the same.
    Again MOU dt 27.11.09 is also having the same fate.!
    -Wage revision with an increase of mere 17.5% and
    -Another option for Pension to PF optees existing employees as well as retired. (In fact it was a denied benefit extended now)
    Cost factor is only a game applicable to bankmen only, which is another contribution by the leadership/IBA. It looks funny to hear that the Union is talking now about the adamant stand of IBA.and dead lock in discussions!.
    01.Basic Pay and allowances constitute the Pay and to arrive to a reasonable good Basic Pay within the allotted amount is not a Herculean task But here also Unions find it difficult to present a reasonable and good proposal to IBA and get it agreed.Let us forget about remaining issues.
    02.In the case of Pension option to PF optees IBA stated that pension will be paid from the date of settlement only.In such case the inordinate delay will only affect retired bankmen who will again loose legitimate dues in spite of loss for last 15 years, whatever reason attributed .
    03.Even when Govt was enjoying support of leftist parties Union Leaders failed to raise the issue in parliament! When all other sectors including Central Govt employees took up wage revision before General Election Bank Union Leaders kept mum for reasons best known to them.
    04.Even for calling a strike before 31st March notice has to be given.Knowing fully well now Union is seeking appointment with Chairman ,IBA to sort out the issue. They could have met FM rather than IBA who is acting in tunes with MOF/GOI.